Christians Should Be Foster Parents Jessica Falwell

Many children in Lynchburg, Virginia, are in the foster care system and need a safe home. 

Christian couples should step up and provide homes for these children because of the immense, positive impact they could have on the children's lives.
Children in the foster care system often come from homes where they may have experienced abuse or neglect.

Foster children come from homes where their parents either cannot or are unwilling to provide for them.

What these children need and deserve are parents who will love, accept, and care for them.
When parents are loving and are willing to care for them, the children will thrive.
  • A Christian parent would provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children where they can experience and learn about the love of Christ.
  • A parent with knowledge of the Bible will understand what it is like to feel rejected by the world but desired by God.
  • A Christian parent would also be able found their parenting on Christian principles which will make them much more qualified to parent than their non-Christian counterparts.
  • The parents will also have the opportunity to teach the kids about the gospel and possibly lead them to salvation.
When placed in a loving and accepting Christian home, children have a better chance of improving.

Christian parents should definitely consider foster care for the lasting impact they can have on children in need.


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