Goals By: Mason Tully

1 year goals

  • I want to be the first team from Arizona to win a National Championship
  • I want to be come a Straight A student this semester
  • To move to Victoria, BC to play hockey for PCHA (Pacific Coast Hockey Academy)
  • In the summer I want to go to a WHL Prospect camp and go to a USHL Futures camp
  • I need to get healthy and recover from breaking my collar bone so that┬áI can play hockey again

3 year goals

  • I want to be Graduated from High School on time so i can go straight to college
  • Another goal of mine is to have pride in graduaying high school
  • I want to either be paying Junior hockey in the WHL or in the USHL trying to get a College scholarship
  • I want to be going into College right when I graduate

5 year goals

  • I want to soon be Graduating College so that i can be successful in life
  • By then I want to be working for my parent's Healthcare Construction company because it will help me with field experience
  • i want to be working hard so that if a oppurtunity comes up, i can jump on it
  • i want start to begin to looking for a┬áinternship job so that i can have job experience

10 year goals

  • i want to start a family and have a great wife because i want to have a good life
  • i want to be graduated from college because it will help me get a good job
  • i want to be looking for a permanent job so that i can make money on a regular basis
  • i want to start paying off debt if i have any by then and start a bank account to pay back my parents for all they did with hockey


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