Industrial Revolution Aidan Farrell

The Flying Shuttle

Flying Shuttle
  • increased the speed of weaving on a loom, it was capable of doubling the output over a normal weaver
  • it was so efficient that it caused shortages of yarn

Spinning Jenny

Spinning Jenny
  • invented by James Hargreave in 1768
  • allowed spinners to produce yarn faster in greater quantities
  • inspired by the Flying Shuttle
  • ended the yarn shortage and allowed the weaving of cloth run at full capacity

Power loom

Power Loom
  • invented by Edmund Cartwright in 1787
  • powered by water
  • allowed the weaving of cloth to catch up to the production of yarn
  • more factories were now set up near water sources because it was their main water source

Steam engine

  • invented by James Watt in the 1760s
  • pumped water three times as fast as is predecessors
  • allowed more coal to be extracted from the mines

Rotary engine

  • invented by James Watt in 1782
  • a steam engine that could drive machinery by turning a shaft
  • used for spinning and weaving cotton
  • cotton mills using these engines were built all throughout Britain


  • Henry Cort developed a system called puddling
  • used coke from coal to purify pig iron
  • increased iron quality
  • resulted in a major increase in the British iron industry

Steam powered locomotive

  • Richard Trevithick developed the first steam powered locomotive in southern wales
  • only went 5mph
  • inspired better locomotives

Rocket (locomotive)

  • George Stephenson invented Rocket, the locomotives that was used on the first public railway line
  • opened in 1930
  • moved at 16mph
  • within ten years, Britain had 6,000 miles of track


  • Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan invented the lightbulb
  • allowed homes and cities to be illuminated with electricity


  • Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876
  • allowed instant and longer distance comminication

Radio waves across the Atlantic

  • Guglielmo Marconi sent the first radio waves across the Atlantic in 1901

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