Meerkats! by Eloise

They can have up to 50 Meerkats in one group and unlike most other animals, they work really well together and all look after the new born babies.

new born and in groups

Their fur is is bushy, brown-striped and have very big eyes.

They live in deserts and grassland in Africa.

Meerkat's eat insects, lizards, small snakes, scorpions, spiders, plants, small mammals, eggs (like bird eggs) centipedes and fungi.

They have excellent eyesight, they can spot predators in the air from 300m away.

Meerkats look for danger like a rattlesnake without thinking. Meerkats go off to fight but sometime ask for help.

If the den gets to many bugs they will move but sometimes new born baby get left behind but in the end they will all be back togever again.

Meerkats can live 12-14 years but if they do not have a group to live with then they could die. They also can be kicked out by one other Meerkat .


They can grow up to 12 inches and weigh 2 pounds.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Meerkats !


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