H. Influenzae hib- the HIBSTER!

I, the evil Haemophilus Influenzae, have come to take over the world! (But you can call me the HIBster)

I am a coccobacilli, which is a combination between cocci and bacilli shaped. I kind of look like an oval!

This is me in a blood agar plate.

I make little children and babies sick. I like to live in their nasal cavities, throat, and other dark warm places where they can cough and sneeze me on to other people!

I cause breathing problems and if I don't get cured, I can become very deadly! Muahahahaha!

Now, come see a video about me, The HIBster!

I reproduce because when I stick to cells lining the respiratory tract, because of a special protein called hemagglutinin. I shed my coat when I can finally get into someone, then the RNA will go into the nucleus of the host cell and because the enzymes they will help reproduce me.

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