Meteora, Greece Back to back Hiking tours


We were on our way by 8:30am for a morning hiking tour of Meteora. We had a small group of 3 couples. Our guide “Neils”, was not only young and fit, but also very knowledgeable.

We would love to impart the rich history and fascinating life of both the original hermits and then Monks who have lived and continue to live on the site of Meteora, but as we have the alarm set for 4:00am to catch a 5:30am train, you will just hav3 to ask us on our return home.

We enjoyed the hike so much that as we had nothing planned for the afternoon, we headed straight to the travel office and booked ourselves on the afternoon hiking tour knowing that we would have our morning guide Niels and be covering a different route. The added bonus was we had Niels all to ourselves!

We might also add that Niels enquirer about our age as he couldn’t believe how fit we were and said he felt like he was out hiking with mates his age, not 50+ year olds!!!

Apologies to Alison for the lack of info on the photos you see here, but you wouldn’t want us to miss our morning train, now would you?

Dragons Cave

Afternoon Hiking Tour

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