People love what they design and own what they create. Watershed Axiom

What we are doing isn't working. We need to do something fundamentally different.

Sometimes we need to slow down in order to find our purpose in today's complicated world. By taking a deep breath and finding the right pace, you can co-design the structures and culture required to be successful. Thus, creating the opportunity for the intangible to become tangible, for the unclear to become clear, and the impossible to be possible. How much time does that require? Much less with Watershed Partners.

Watershed Partners is a global enterprise that enables new dimensions of performance across any human-made system. Our focus is purely about improving and accelerating human performance and optimizing organizational fitness with emphasis on cultural transformation.

Watershed achieves these outcomes by blending high magnitude collaborative events with high frequency engagements and bespoke technology platforms custom created with each individual client and scope in mind and delivered inside carefully considered working environments.

Our Value Proposition




Watershed Partners has a proven methodology based on collaborative design. Our work helps organizations rapidly build and implement on sustained strategic capability, operational efficiency, and, perhaps most significantly, cultural alignment and wellbeing.

What differentiates Watershed’s unique collaborative design approach from that of traditional models?

  • Quick, efficient, immediate involvement of all stakeholders in designing the best possible solution
  • Enabling the organization to access the full capability, knowledge, and expertise of the people within it, without sacrificing timelines
  • Work products are rapidly prototyped, tested, and implemented by the group
  • Being able to help organizations make better decisions faster
  • Increased confidence that the solution will be both effective and sustained as a result of the collaborative design process
  • Monitoring of cultural indicators against productivity to show the effect of organizational culture optimization

Our three key offerings: Co-design Events, Projects, Programs

1. Co-design Events

  • A route forward and a solution
  • Alignment around a new direction
  • Momentum to deliver change


We create a transformational learning experience to rapidly align a large group of people around a future direction, collaboratively discover a common strategic purpose, discover new possibilities for solving a problem, or diagnosing evolving needs of large complex ecosystems.

We use a bespoke mix of proven methods, technology and tools delivered through 1-3 day events of anywhere from 15-3000 people.

These are not workshops as you know them. They are transformational learning experiences.


  • An implemented and integrated solution
  • Sustained alignment around the future direction and implementation of the solution
  • Ongoing commitment and momentum to deliver the change
  • Leadership development


We bring your people together to get to the heart of the problem you are facing: exploring and understanding it from different perspectives to create common ground and shared understanding.

We then create a framework within which you can design your own solutions to these problems.

Solutions that you love, because you have designed them; and own, because you have created them.


  1. A new way of working embedded in your organization
  2. An organization's capacity to self-organize, rapidly align and optimize
  3. A workforce driven by passion and purpose
  4. A team of your people upskilled in our method and process to sustain the change
  5. An organization fit for the changes and challenges of the 21st century


Transformation is difficult and messy work that often seems impossible. By working together, we can make the impossible, possible. In a period of 6 months we re-orient your organization to enable a new level of performance.

We blend technology and cultural change expertise; high impact co-design events and; leadership development, to mobilize your organization behind your new direction. We hold you to account on your own commitments. We nurture a symbiotic relationship; we ensure you are on the road to success; and then we step away and watch you own your success.


"Watershed's approach has helped to make this transformation an exciting, unifying journey across the organization. They are at the leading edge of modern organizational thinking and their commitment to their customer organizations is second to one" - Jyrki Rosenberg, VP Entertainment, Microsoft
"Watershed Partners took our team through a large, unprecedented and highly efficient co-design strategic discovery process, something which most have not experienced before. Many of the strategic shifts we are pursuing in our division today are the direct result of working with Watershed Partners." - Christian Kittleson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Sector
"Thought-provoking design, powerful and responsive process management. Most importantly it delivered a powerful product concept that is now being manufactured." - Dale Hooper, Chief Brand Officer, Rogers Communications
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