My pregnancy timeline By Kirra Bourke

Week 1-12 – First Trimester

So the day has finally come. The day I find out I am pregnant.

My period is two weeks over due and they are normally on time. So I decide to purchase a pregnancy test only to find out that it is Positive. I feel my heart beat faster and faster. My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for a few months now and have been waiting for this day. I am so excited to tell him.

When he arrives home from work I set up a romantic dinner and instead of an serving entree I bring out the pregnancy stick on a plate. His eyes start to water with tears of Joy. We are both so excited. HERE begins our journey.

As the weeks progress, I feel my body changing. I also feel very hormonal. My face, chest, tummy and bottom are starting to look like an Ompa Lompa more than pregnant women, but I have read in books that this is completely normal. I also find myself very emotional for no reason at all.

I have been to my medical practioner to hear that I am 5 weeks pregnant. The doctor informs me how the baby is developing and enables me hear the heartbeat. The baby is about the size of a sesame seed by now. At this stage you can also see through the babies skin.

By 9 weeks the baby is looking a little bit more human. The baby now has eyes, nose, fingers, toes and little ears and is about the size of a grape. It is all getting so very exciting.

Due to feeling nauseous, tired and having the urge to go to the toilet more often I haven't been able to socialise with my friends as frequently as I would like to.

As the week’s progress and the baby seems fine, I begin to tell my family and friends. They are all very excited for both my husband and I.

My oestrogen and progesterone levels are increasing as I move further into the pregnancy and my taste buds have changed. I keep a healthy diet with plenty of nutrition for both the baby and myself. I still continue to urinate frequently but believe this is all part of it. I wake up during the night a few times to go to the bathroom, but as I have read, this will continue now until the baby is born and will become more frequent as the baby grows. My breasts have become heavier and I have also experienced mild constipation.

At 12 weeks we visit the Doctor again and hear the babies Heartbeat. Everything is progressing well and the heart beat is very strong. The Doctor says that the foetus (my baby), is growing very well. It is now obvious that I am pregnant as I have noticed that I am showing my baby bump.

The Doctor advises the Due Date for the birth is 17th June and we need to discuss my preference to give birth and also the options. Such as natural, caesarean, water birth etc. After reading the provided literature we will inform the Doctor at our next visit. It’s all getting so real now.

A 3D Ultrasound
I'm pregnant

Week 13-28 - Second Trimester

Now I am in my Second Trimester. My stomach is growing bigger and bigger and people are now starting to notice that I am pregnant. I still can’t believe that there is a little human growing inside of me every day.

As I draw closer to the birth, the check ups become more frequent at the hospital. Meeting with the midwife has been exciting as she has given me more confidence for the upcoming birth discussing the procedure of how I am going to give birth. My husband and I have decided on a Natural Birth (considering everything goes to plan).

The Doctor has been updating me on the baby's progress, and says that the teeth buds,nails and fingerprints are now forming. The limbs are now moving but at this stage I cannot feel any movement.

I am informed at my 15 week checkup the baby has doubled in size. It is now time to read and talk to the baby as I believe they are able to hear your voice.

At 19 weeks it is so exciting. I have my first ultra sound and we see our baby for the first time. WOW!!! Its so real now. The little baby floating inside of my stomach. The joy we both have is priceless. We can hear the heartbeat and see its fingers and toes, and little body and head. What an amazing experience. They also take a 3D scan of the baby. The ultra sound is recorded so we can purchase the video and photos to share with friends and family.

At 20 Weeks butterflies are starting to flutter in my tummy and the baby is actually kicking . The heartburn and discomfort is terrible. The baby is about the length of a banana.

By Week 21 we are told that the baby can feel things, swallow and experience the hiccups about twice a day. Apparently this is completely normal. I googled it and my baby is almost around the 1kg mark.

Socially I feel quite home bound and missing my friends immensely due to self confidence and nausea. Attending work these days is very tiresome. We thought it was time to start preparing the nursery room in our home so have purchased a cot, pram, change table and minimal clothes for the arrival.

We found it difficult choosing names from numerous baby name books. The names we have chosen at this stage are Tyler for a boy and Paris for a girl. We are still to decide on the middle name.

As the days go by, I have been feeling more comfortable and energetic. My nipples have changed in colour, but I believe that is normal, they are getting darker. I have gained weight and therefore my feet have started to swell. They told me this is just excess fluid. I have dropped back at work to 3 days per week and use the other days to rest. During these rest days I read to the baby and sing lots of songs. I seem to sweat more these days, even sometimes when I’m just resting. I am experiencing thin stretch marks forming on both my hips, tummy and breasts but apparently this is normal also as your skin is just stretching.

The love of a child
My first ultrasound

Week 29-40 - Third Trimester

My figure is really showing now in the third trimester. With only a few weeks till the birth I am rather large. I have been to the Doctors with regular visits as the date is drawing closer just to monitor and make sure all is going well. We are both really excited, but also very scared in case anything goes wrong. A real mixture of emotions are going through my head. I feel a bit uncomfortable at this point in time because I am so big and suffering terrible heartburn.

Walking long distance is a real problem these days and have gained the pregnancy wobble walk. Sleeping is'nt easy at this stage as I cannot lie on my stomach and have terrible backache.Pillows surround me at night to make my sleep more comfortable .

To reduce my stretch marks, I have been told that Cocoa butter helps, so have been massaging the cream into my skin, but cannot see much difference as yet. My husband has been doing all the housework (which is great) as I am exhausted very quickly.

At 30 weeks the babies brain cells has gown and the nerves are now active. I have also read that my baby can now control its own body temperature. My back is starting to ache as I believe the uterus has grown and my pelvic joint have become looser. No more High heel shoes !!

With regular Doctor's visits he has been advising of the progress of the baby. Apparently now the baby can see, hear, smell, and feel and that our baby has grown a layer of fat all over the body to keep it warm when it comes out of the womb. The babies skin is pink and soft.

At 34 weeks the baby is believed to be around 5 pounds (2.25kg). Everything is mature except for the babies lungs, but these will continue to prepare themselves for breathing after the birth.

The hospital bag has been packed and we have also been attending antenatal classes. Here we have met new friends and its great to be able to talk and relate to others on how you are feeling. Know you are not alone. At the classes the midwife has been explaining to us all different birth methods and how to prepare ourselves mentally for the birth. It has been very helpful. We have been watching birth movies and even viewed a real placenta (after someone had just given birth). Very amazing.

At 38 weeks the baby’s head is engaged and is in the correct position, so we are very relieved. Not long to go now. Any day now. I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks. These are known as the false contractions you feel that are preparing you for labour.

At 40 weeks my baby is fully mature and all the organs have developed. My baby is developed enough to live outside the human body. The baby is still kicking but I cannot feel it as much. I assume there is not as much room in my stomach to move. I believe my babies eyes are open and blue – but this can change after birth.

All ready to go

Birth and Labour

My options for labour is a Natural birth or caesarean section birth (where the baby is born through a incision in your abdomen after been given an epidural needle so you don’t feel the pain). I am hoping the natural labour will be my first choice and I will use the gas if necessary to reduce some of the pain.

I have had my first sign of labour with a " show". I have read this is when the protective plug of mucous and old blood comes away from the uterus and passes into the vagina. It is all happening.

I have also started with strong Contractions. They are ever so painful. The tightening in my stomach is 10 minutes apart but they are getting closer and closer as the day progresses. The pain lasts for about 20 seconds. I am experiencing backache and sore legs. My husband takes me to the hospital and I am admitted.

Just as I am settled in the birthing room my water breaks which is also known as Ruptured membranes. This is when the membranes of the amniotic sac (that has been holding the baby) break. It can either be a slow trickle or a sudden gush of fluid from the vagina. Mine was a sudden rush all over the hospital floor.

Over the next few hours my contractions are stronger and I am told the baby is 10cm dilated and ready to be born.There is an increased pressure in my bottom and I have the urge to push. I feel very nauseous and a burning in my vagina.

The most comfortable position I feel is in the shower with my husband running warm water on my back. Because of this I decide on labour in the bath. I am finding the water is making me relax and its helping ease the pain.

After much pain, gas and perspiration the midwife asks me not to push until she advises me as the placenta has to be fully dilated as I could tear if the birth canal isn't ready. I just have this urge to push as the pain is horrendous. Now the babies head is fully dilated so the midwife said with your next contraction you must push. Oh dear! By this time I'm screaming with the pain. Two more pushes and our beautiful baby is born . I am totally exhausted but so excited our baby and I are both well. After my baby is born and the placenta and membranes are also delivered. My husband cuts the umbilical cord and the midwife takes our baby to ensure all is okay . My husband was of great comfort in the labour ward. IT'S A GIRL. My presious daughters name is Paris Louise Bourke. Born on the due date.

All that pain has resulted in a little girl being born. I have tears of excitement. What an amazing experience. The hospital staff were very kind and comforting. The food was amazing but I think it might just be the fact that i didn't have to cook, food is always better when someone else cooks i think. Although the hospital was good I couldn't wait to go home and share the new experience with my husband.

By Day 3 I have the "baby blues". I'm very emotional and my milk has come in. My breasts have hardened, doubled in size, and are very painful. The nurses at the hospital were very helpful at educating me on how to Breastfeed correctly. After 5 days I am allowed to take my beautiful baby girl home.

A few days have past and Paris is progressing well. She has a good sleeping pattern and only wakes when needing a feed. Paris is a very good baby and doesn't cry much. We have gone through a fair amount of nappies but that's just part of all of it. We can't wait to see what's ahead and to watch our little baby grow up.

Beautiful baby Paris



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