Welcome to workplace learning! BUS110 - Liz Bracken

"This subject definitely exceeds my expectations. It has been a very reasonable workload and I have enjoyed completing the work and assignments. This subject is very useful and practical to take to the workplace. I feel I have gained a greater understanding of business environments and will be able to use these skills throughout my career." 22-year old student.

“It was incredibly interesting to approach the organisation from a different perspective and I found it very helpful in applying and gaining real world experience while completing this subject. I have not come across another subject so far in my university career that has been as useful at applying theory to my professional career. “ 28-year-old student

“I am surprised at how much this subject actually gave me insight into my own work practices, communication negotiation and made me aware of things that I had not thought of before. Personally, I am looking at upgrade my job in the near future. This subject has made me look at the bigger picture and assisted me with being able to articulate this and to be able to express these reflections and learnings at an interview level. It has also given me the skills to communicate this to my staff and provide them with the development and support that they need to increase their knowledge and interactions with customer’s/team members/stakeholders and management. It has also given me the confidence to increase my capacity to lead, develop and manage my team.” 33-year-old student

This subject was of great benefit to my practical learning and development. It has allowed growth in the field of industrial relations but more than that it has allowed me to think analyse and reflect on my management and leadership style for my substantive role as a Zone manager. It has developed and encouraged me to come back to my role and implement many aspects that will improve me as a manager, leader and employee. I have already established meetings with my manager to progress some ideas and communication between us as a team.” 40-year-old student

“This subject exceeded my expectations because it forced me to seek alternative work, think about possibilities and then negotiate and agree upon a program that was outside of my usual comfort zone. I was looking forward to the placement once it was clear what I would be tasked with doing and then when I was actually performing the placement it was very enjoyable. I learned new skills, gained confidence in existing skills and formed new networks. The assessments were thought provoking and introduced me to websites that I did not know existed that have valuable information about carets, pathways and voluntary work as a segue into paid work.” 51-year-old student

If the testimonials from our students haven't already convinced you why this subject is so valuable, listen to this video (3 mins) to hear from a research and employer perspective...

Now let's take a peek at some of the spaces you'll be working in this session...

In BUS110, you'll be mostly working in your Interact2 site. Your starting point through should be the Getting Started page, which will guide you through how the subject has been designed.

Once the session starts, you'll find a series of 'weekly challenges' in the left menu, where we'll be exploring - and challenging ourselves in - different aspects of employability in preparation for your work placement and beyond.

You'll also need to regularly access some supplementary sites during the session, and it would be good to familiarise yourself with these now.

The workplace learning website has everything you need to organise your placement - from testimonials to information for students and hosts, we well as all the forms and staff contacts.

Later in the session, we'll also be launching our challenge bank. This site offers a range of 'extended' challenges beyond what you'll find in the Interact2 site, allowing you to personalise your learning by building skills that are right for you. This is the first session we'll be offering the challenge bank, and new challenges will be added very regularly as we continue to build. There's even chances for you to suggest...or even develop...your own challenges to contribute! We're keen to work with you to customise this space and make it a truly valuable resources for you to use throughout your degree...and maybe even beyond!

In addition to these sites, your learning will include video, audio and text communication, as well as real time meetings in Adobe Connect...we are all constantly working on our own career paths, and what those next steps might be. We all benefit from sharing our thoughts, our goals, what we have learned from our work placements...let's support each other as we find our own paths.

One of the most important documents you'll need to have beside you, of course, is your Subject Outline.

This has all the important information, including your assessments and weekly schedule. Make sure you read it carefully.

As we move towards the start of session, we'll start to get to know each other in some introductory activities. Until then, enjoy exploring your subject site and preparing for the session. I'm looking forward to talking with you soon!



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