The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

Meet the Characters!

Santiago is the main character in the Alchemist. He is a brave young boy who gave up being a Shepard to travel to the Egyptian Pyramids to pursue his Personal Legend. Santiago meets many inspiring and helpful people throughout his journey that all help him get him closer to his destination.
The Alchemist is a 200 year old character who holds all of the answers to Santiago's Personal Legend. The Alchemist is a very secretive character and is always dressed in black. Santiago doesn't meet the Alchemist until the end of the book, as he is ending his journey to his Personal Legend.
The Crystal merchant is an old man who owns a crystal shop on top of the hill in Tangier. He acts as a friend to Santiago throughout the book, although he doesn't help much when it comes to Santiago's Personal Legend. The Crystal Merchant gave up on his Personal Legend long ago, and thinks that Santiago shouldn't pursue his, due to not having anything to live for after.
Melchizedek is one of the most important characters in the Alchemist. After Santiago talked with Melchizedek, he was beyond determined to find his Personal Legend. Melchizedek also gave Santiago two magical rocks named Urim and Thummin that meant yes or no. These rocks helped guide Santiago throughout his journey and helped him make decisions.
Fatima is a character who doesn't play a huge role in the book, but does at the same time. Fatima's is a young beautiful girl who basically lives for gathering water from the well. However, Santiago is deeply in love with Fatima. In fact, Fatima almost kept Santiago from going to find his Personal Legend. Fatima is one of my favorite characters because she showed what true love is by promising Santiago she would wait for him.
The Englishman is a character that Santiago met while traveling through Egypt in the caravan. They bonded immediately due to the fact that they were both chasing their Personal Legend. Santiago helped the Englishman become more vocal and social, while the Englishman helped Santiago understand the world more in depth.

Most Important Quote

This quote "It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting" was said towards the middle of the book, and I never forgot it. I think this short quote describes the book as a whole. Although Santiago faced many obstacles such as the frustration of having to find clues along his journey, he never gave up. In my opinion, Santiago never gave up do to his hope of eventually finding the hidden treasure. This quote also helped me understand the amount of perseverance Santiago had to have during his journey, due to having to leave important things such as his sheep and Fatima. This quote also made me realize that maybe the reason why I am nice to people and strive to do good is because I'm hoping for it to pay off in my future.

Main Points in the Book!

- Many lessons were taught throughout the Alchemist. Lessons that people of all age could benefit from reading the Alchemist. Below are some of the main points/themes that Paulo Coelho taught in the book.

  • Seize the day - you don't know how much time you have left
  • Think outside of the box - look for clues to guide you in the right direction
  • See the good in people - although someone may no agree with your actions, their response may lead you in a direction
  • God exists everywhere - somehow God is always finding ways to send you clues through people, objects, or places

What did I learn from The Alchemist?

  • On top of the many lessons and realizations I gained form the Alchemist, the most important one was it taught me to follow my heart! Despite the unsure feeling Santiago felt when he left his family, sheep, and love, he still chose to follow his heart. Reading the Alchemist inspired me to chase after my dreams, and when I go after them, do it with everything I have.
  • I also admired the fact that Santiago followed his heart consistently throughout the book. If he hadn't stuck with his heart to find his Personal Legend, he wouldn't have found his last clue from the refugees traveling from the tribal wars.
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