The Darfur Conflict By jake hamilton

These countries/organizations were involved in the conflict in Darfur.On the left is the United Nations,in the middle is Chad,and the one on the left is Sudan.

The conflict started in April 2003 and is still on going.The Sudan Liberation Movement fought to make Darfur a secular state from Sudan.

Another group called the Justice and Equality Movement felt that Sudan's government had marginalized and did not protect non-Arabs from Arab tribes.

The SLM and JEM joined together to fight Janjaweed(Some say the Sudanese government employed Janjaweed to fight against the groups).

The conflict happened in Chad and Sudan(The countries below Libya and Egypt).

The Sudanese government have tried peace talks but many rebels keep on attacking them.An estimated 300,000 people have died since 2003.

Many Countries call the conflict a genocide by the Sudanese government and Janjaweed.

The UN tried to convict the Sudanese government on 2.5 million counts of war crimes and genocide but the charges were dropped.In 2011 South Sudan split from North Sudan.It was a step toward peace but fighting still continues today.


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