Stadium coming 2022 Updated stadium renderings

"This will become the spiritual home of Nashville Soccer Club." — CEO Ian Ayre


"Utilizing all the things that are not only typically Nashville, but really fit within that neighborhood of Wedgewood-Houston – a lot of steel and brick and wood – making it uniquely Nashville. When we looked at the design, it was important to us to address some of the things that we had heard early on from some of the supporters and will continue to develop as we move forward." — CEO Ian Ayre


"If you look across MLS and look across global soccer, the thing that makes these stadiums great is the atmosphere that is created by supporters and fans." — CEO Ian Ayre


"Having a dedicated entrance, having a focal point where the supporters not only stand in the stadium, but where they come into the stadium at the start. Right next to that is a big open space which we really hope we bring to life. I like to describe it as the difference between going to a concert and going to a festival. You go to a concert, and you know who the band is, and you know all the songs. But when you go to a festival, you kind of go because it’s a whole eclectic mix. What we want to do on matchdays is bring together music, food and soccer to create a uniquely Nashville soccer experience." — CEO Ian Ayre
"The most exciting thing is that it fits into the neighborhood. We are going to be the newest and biggest neighbor, and we want to make it feel like we have always been there, to a degree. I think seeing the design, seeing the renderings and seeing its proximity to the city, all of those things make it look like this should be here in Nashville for this soccer club." — CEO Ian Ayre


"Throughout the whole stadium, whether it’s premium or general admission or just on the concourses, we will have something that’s different and fits whatever your thing is and whatever your budget is. We’ll find a solution." — CEO Ian Ayre