Age of Exploration Tikvah Coleman - Mr. Meninga - World History 2A - 16 March 2017

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus sailed the blue in 1492...and found whole new world, The Americas.


  • A map made by Henricus Martellus in 1491 made Christopher Columbus think he could sail west to Asia. Spain had extra money due to the reconquista of Spain, leading them to say yes to Columbus's voyage. There was also a high demand for spices after the Ottoman Turks cut of trade with Europe. Due to this, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella wanted to come up with a way to spices, and desired to beat Portugal's route.


Columbus brought new goods to Spain, making Spain wealthy and rich again. He brought new items to Europeans such as potatoes, tomatoes, corn, turkey, and tobacco, which lead to Europeans becoming addicted. He also brought diseases to the Americas, killing tens of thousands of natives. He damaged Native American culture with the following colonization he inspired.

Vasco De Gama

The Voyage of Vasco De Gama to India in 1497 by sailing around the coast of Africa.


Prince Henry the Navigator created newer and better ways to sail, including the carval, a ship used specifically for sailing. There was a high demand of spices to to the Turks cutting off supply to Europe, leading Vasco de Gama to go on his first voyage. But, King Manuel asked Paulo, Vasco's brother, to find a route to India instead. Vasco got jealous and a fight broke out. Vasco won, leading him to sail. Due to Portugal already exploring the west coast of Africa, Vasco decided to go down the coast of Africa to reach India.


Vasco de Gama found spices and jewels leading him to wealth. Portugal also became rich from his discovery. Although he gained money, he lost many of his crew to scurvy, a deadly disease caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. After many voyages, Gama was named Governor of India and remained in power until his death.

Machu Picchu

The Fall of the Inca Empire in 1533 after Pizarro sailed to Peru, and conquered the Incas.


  • Cort├ęs had success in Mexico, inspiring Pizarro to go to Peru. Before Pizarro even reached Peru, the Incas were already in a civil war with Emperor Atahuallpa's brother, Huascar. Incas were also suffering with smallpox, killing 75% of the population. When was broke out between the Incas and Pizarro, his men won due to stronger weapons and advanced strategy, while the Incas had weaker weapons.


Pizarro became ruler of Cuzco after conquering Peru. He began to bring Spanish language and culture to South America. The city of Lima (the capital of Peru) was founded in 1538 by Pizarro. He also brought gold, silver, and food to Spain, making Spain wealthier.

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