Methamphetamine by mady and vick

Methamphetamine (Meth) is a highly addictive drug. It is a powder used to treat obesity and ADHD, but is transformed into a solid, glass like state and sold illegally (crystal meth).

Meth speeds up the body's activity.

Meth has various street names like speed, ice, shards, biker's coffee, crank, crystal, and tweak.

This drug can be inhaled, snorted, injected, and smoked.

The usage of meth is very destructive. It causes long term addiction and psychological damage. Meth also causes "meth bugs", the sensation of insects crawling in your skin.

Common effects: Highly addictive, increased blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety and agitation, higher body temperature.

Crystal meth is created in meth labs. watch Breaking Bad ;)

It is a totally synthetic drug, which means it is made completely by humans in these labs.

Users become highly addictive to meth and suffer severe health issues. Meth abuse is increasing and destroying communities in the U.S. People use it to get high and more intergetic

Interesting Fact!

A Meth user in Minnesota was caught with 10 grams of it and had to pay $500,000 and 25 years in prison!

Interesting Fact! Methamphetamine is a totally synthetic drug (made by humans) That's right... we caused this.

Interesting Fact! Meth was created stronger by Mexican drug cartels. It is known as ice and is EXTREMELY addictive.

Interesting Fact! Meth was majorly used in World War II to keep the soldiers active and awake. It was heavily used by the Axis Powers as well as the Allied Powers.

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