The Beach Dome -Joseph & CHarm & MichAel

The location is located in Fresno California in the city Sanger in their down town shops. Sanger is a small city will over 10 thousands in it and it was an old city. Sanger has different races and the reason why it's located here is because their is noting fun to attend to in Sanger.

Our spot would be in Sanger at the 99 cents store area and we will break down all the stores their. We chose that because Sanger is a couple hours away from the beach, so we brought a little piece of the beach here.

Inspiration board:

Design Sketches:

Projects Budget: Our project is going to be made out of wood and the part of wood is going to be the dome. All the materials that we used to build this project is wood, paint, water, sand, and plants. The whole beach domes project price added until to be 39,672.75 dollars. The way we got our total price of this project is add up all the walls by its measurement and adding all the materials we used. We used like 10 thousand pounds of water with cost am extra 1 thoused dollars plus the sand with is $500.

Final Design:


Created with images by djgr - "sydney city looking south..."

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