St Mary's College Newsletter TERM 3 WEEK 2

From The Principal- Carol Bell

Welcome to Term 3 2019. It was so pleasing to see our students come back to Term 3 ready to learn. It is a big final term for our Year 12 students as they get closer to exam time. We wish them well in their final push as they get ready for mock examinations.

Our Whole College assembly on Thursday had a two- fold focus with welcoming our Taiji visitors and also giving our musicians the opportunity to perform before they head off next week to perform in Catholic Performing Arts Festival. They will join students in dance, drama and music who will perform along with over one hundred and thirty other Catholic schools across the competition. We send them our very best wishes over the coming weeks.

We welcomed ten students from Taiji along with guide Hayato Sukurai, teachers and representative from the Taiji town council, Mr Fumitoshi Ryono and Ms Tomomi Oyabu. It is Mr Sukurai's tenth year guiding students from Taiji to Broome. Mr. Sukurai also plays an instrumental part in guiding our students when they visit Taiji each each. This exchange program is an amazing cultural exchange between two towns who have a friendship now that has endured for over 110 years. It pays homage to the pearling history of Broome and the shared family connections between both towns. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about another culture and to share their home with our visitors.

Last Thursday, a group of our Year 12 Senior Dancers were invited to perform at the opening mass for the Catholic Performing Arts Competition. They did an outstanding job representing the College at this event. We wish all our participants performing in dance, music and drama the very best as they compete in the festival over the coming weeks.

Welcome To Term 3 - primary
welcome to term 3 - secondary
Farewell Mr James

This week we farewelled Mr. James McDowell from St Mary's College. Mr. James joined the College community as a graduate four and a half years ago. He has worked as a Science and Maths teacher as well as leading O'Brien House as House Coordinator. James is a passionate teacher with a deep commitment to his faith who has been a wonderful contributor to our College. James is returning to Canada with his young family. We wish James, Gemma and Ashton all the very best with their move and new life adventure in Canada.

Senior Dancers Perform at Opening Mass For Catholic Performing Arts Festival

Last week the Senior Dance Group were the invited quest to open the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival and the annual Mass, held at St. Mary's Cathedral in Perth. It was a great honor to be selected for this occasion and shows the effect our dance students generate when they are in Perth each year.

Australian Ballet Company Visits St MAry's

The Australian Ballet came on Monday and worked with the PAF Dance Touring Group , and then took several workshops on Wednesday for my Year 8 - 10 dance classes. The students participated in several elements of ballet, Contemporary Dance and some Choreographic work.

Next Week: BANAGARRA DANCE THEATRE - will be working with the PAF Touring Dance Group next Friday. Three of our ex-students m (Tara Gower, Rika Hamaguchi and Lillian Banks) that are now professional dancers with BANAGARRA, will work with Ms Vicki and about 20 selected students during the afternoon. We are very privillaged to have these artists come back into our school community to encourage the students selecting dance in Yr 8 - 12.

Kris Kross Visits St MAry's Classrooms

The PBS team on Primary had a quiet word with Kris Kross last week and asked him to come and inspect the primary classrooms and outside areas. Kris Kross had a lovely time meeting all the students but agreed that we needed to have a focus on how we can be responsible and respectful in making sure our environment is clean and tidy. Kriss Kross donated the little green bin award to help the children with this target. This week 4G were awarded the little green bin at the assembly for being the best group at keeping their environment clean. Well done.

Students Prepare For Catholic Performing Arts Festival

Next week marks the beginning of the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. We have a number of dancers, singers, musicians and drama students competing. Some of our very talented secondary music students used the opportunity to perform in front of the College at the Assembly in preparation. We wish them all the very best and look forward to hearing about the experience.

Congratulations to Our Semester Two Certificate of Excellence Awardees

Welcome Taiji Exchange students and special guests. At the recent Whole College Assembly there was an exchange of gifts and an official welcome made in honour of our visiting exchange. We hope our visitors have a wonderful time with their host families exploring Broome.

year 12 marine and maritime science class

Year 12 Marine and Maritime Science class, with the assistance of Monique from NRT, have been busy the past month creating an Aquaponics System. Essentially, an Aquaponics System combines aquaculture (raising fish) with hydroponics (growing plants) in a symbiotic environment.


It has been an exciting time on the primary campus with some exciting new students joining us in term 2. Sparky, Ginger, Daisy and Pickles have been teaching us how to be kind, respectful and responsible as well as gobbling up all of our food scraps. PPK took on the fascinating task of hatching some eggs whilst learning about life cycles and so we have been able to add 4 more chicks to the St Mary’s Chicken Palace. Thanks to everyone who has been helping look after our chickens!

Our gardens are also in full swing with the Kindy, Pre-Primary, 3-4 and 4-5 gardens looking beautiful at the moment. We can’t wait to harvest our herbs and vegetables to use in class cooking activities and at the canteen. Well done to 5S and Kindy who have made some truly scary scarecrows to help keep those pesky birds away.

We are continuing to work towards being a more waste wise school so please don’t forget to recycle your Nespresso coffee pods and oral health care items at the front of the school!

Year 7 Religious Education Incursion - Bart Pigram

As part of our YR7 RE unit on the Genesis Creation story and Indigenous Dreamtime creation stories, students were fortunate to have local Yawuru man Bart Pigram present to them on Friday 2 August in Notre Dame Hall. Bart presented a passionate talk on indigenous Dreamtime stories, Bugarrigarra, deepening student awareness and respect of local Dreamtime stories. It was a valuable lesson for all on how earth, language, people, animals, natural features, customs, beliefs and knowledge are passed on through story, song and ritual.

Ms Angela Anderson & Mr Mark Flanagan

Out Of The Woods Exhibition

Our students have achieved success at the prestigious Out Of The Woods Exhibition conducted over the weekend as part of the WA Wood Show.

This exhibition is the preeminent woodworking exhibition in Western Australia, and features adult and student work from around the state.

The exhibition is noted for the exceptionally high quality of work displayed and judged.

St Mary's College entered seven pieces in total, of which five placed in the awards.

Congratulations to the following students and also to Digby Stokes and Indianah Cox whose work was selected to represent the College this year.

A stunning achievement by our talented students.

First Place Year 12: Artistic Category

Woorunmurra (Woora) McLarty: Koi Document Box.

First Place Year 10

Shanessa Leak: Bridge Box

Second Place Year 9

Kaidi Allen: Bison

Third Place Year 9

Joshua Anderson: Rhino

First Place Year 8

Alaxandrea Slade: Sea Urchin Box

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