4 week project

Project Pitch

To create a magazine cover inspired by the art movement Dadaism.The meaning of the cover is to focus more on how social media and celebrity have more power on changing the publics views than the news/ government and politics.

Feed back

what I have found after getting all of my feed back is that basing the piece around Dadaism is a god start and that to improve on my idea I need to pick a colour sceme and make my whole project purely digital.

Research on dadaism

Dada or Dadaism was a form of artistic anarchy born out of disgust for the social, political and cultural values of the time. It embraced elements of art, music, poetry, theatre, dance and politics

Dada or Dadaism was a form of artistic anarchy born out of disgust for the social, political and cultural values of the time. It embraced elements of art, music, poetry, theatre, dance and politics. quote from “ http://www.artyfactory.com/art_appreciation/art_movements/dadaism.htm”

dadaism was a protest movement with an anti-establishment manifesto unlike other styles of art movement like cubism or fauvism.

dada used a range of activities to proclaim and their principles like a series of manifestos and magazines that attacked the compliant social. political and cultural attitudes that fails to oppose the war. ( my thoughts: used the power of there art movement to promote / persuade politics and social events)

many of the dadaists who were exiles in zurich began to drift back to there home country and found there was quite a difference there they located back to berlin, cologne, hanover and some far as new york, dada developed an international reputation but each of these venuses had its own distinctive style inspired by the artists who settled there (my thoughts : when these artists found dada in Zurich they all learned the same style but they found out when they all when back to there own countrys the noticed the moment was created in different ways and had different influences in the different countrys they were in)

in post was berlin dada became less anti art and adopted a more political stance( my thoughts: dada started using its power of its movement to help make a political change)

Raoul Hausmann, Hannah Hoch, John Hersfeld and George Grosz were the main artists who developed the strident political satire of berlin dada. the technique that most of them trusted to deliver their disparaging commentary was photomontage: a collage of photographs and text cut from contemporary newspapers and magazines and magazines. the immediacy of this photographic imagery added an air of authority to their work by physically linking their ideas to the real world. The layout of these works was influenced by the flattened and fragmented arrangements of Cubism and Futurism. ( my thoughts: dada/ photomontage is extremely influential into days social media as when people post the photos on these apps they like to put it into grid montages so they can put all there photos together in a quick easy way. also back then after the war people were going through a depression and there wasn’t enough money to create create arts and dada is a effective and affordable art movement as the artists used the materials around them to create there work. for example images out of newspapers and magazines )


dada was created in Zurich in switzerland 1916 by hugo ball emmy hennings. hugo ball and emmy hennings also founded the cabaret Voltaire on febuary 5th 1916. there were in switzerland because it was a neutral place during ww1 with limited censorship. in july of 1916 Cabaret Voltaire held its first dada evening which hugo ball read his first manifesto. one of the most common origin stories of how the word dada was creates is that Richard Huelsenbeck found the name plunging a knife at random into a dictionary. but there is no agreement on how the work was invented. The term “dada” is a colloquial French term for a hobbyhorse, yet it also echoes the first words of a child, and these suggestions of childishness and absurdity appealed to the group, who were keen to put a distance between themselves and the sobriety of conventional society. They also appreciated that the word might mean the same (or nothing) in all languages - as the group was avowedly internationalist. The aim of dada was to both help stop the war and to vent frustration.

Research on fake news

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38714404 ~ article from the BBC on fake news. what I get from this interview is that our technology and social media has become so advanced that now when you go to the internet to look at the news the sites and news are so similar is hard to know what is real and what is fake and its hard to know what to trust in

Definition: “Fake news websites deliberately publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation using social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect.”

New Statesman

What is the New Statesman “The New Statesman is a British leftwing political and cultural magazine published in London. Founded as a weekly review of politics and literature on 12 April 1913, it was connected then with Sidney and Beatrice Webb and other leading members of the socialist Fabian Society.”


I tried different colour type to see what fit the the best. I ended up going with the grey as it gave it more of a newspaper magazine feel. all the images I used are all free to edit from unsplash.com and pixabay.com so didn't use anything that could be copyright


the skills I have learned creating the project is how to use blending modes on photoshop. I mainly used them the blend the tv, flag and quote daily news together. I also improved my skills on cutting out images on photoshop and fitting them on top of each other.

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