May is already upon us. End of school, nice weather, vacations. Yeah, MAY is great. And it'll be 27 years Chantal and I are married on the 12th.

So many people I want to honor this time around, so here it goes, in no particular order

A few weeks ago on a team night, pastor Shawn and the Fred staff revisited how we live out our cultural values. This week's will be " I choose Honor".

I choose honor because I perceive and receive everyone as children of God. The way we do this is by showing up!
  • To all who show up when they're scheduled, I honor you
  • To every team mate who is on time for their service, you know, at least 30 minutes prior to service starts!
  • To all my coaches who serve passionately every week and make sure you are loved on!
  • To each volunteers who proudly wear the KP blue and live out our cultural values, like this one "We Fan the flame" and "We over ME". Some teammates have voluntarily helped out in different environments over the last weeks! Kudos to you.
What we do makes a difference
Wyatt with Mom Jennifer

They were here at Easter, back the next 2 weeks also. We do what we do because Mom and Son will meet Christ and have their lives changed.

Or maybe you remember Jaycob
5 Things I will DO & BE this weekend
  1. I will keep my rooms clean. When we come in a room, it is clean; when we leave it, we make sure it is clean!
  2. I will sing my heart out during KP worship and in the auditorium also
  3. I will sign the NEW roster sheet
  4. I will check in at Echeck, EVERYONE!!
  5. Be happy & smiling : Smile your way into a good mood! Talk positively to kids, team mates and parents


On the theme of "FOCUS", FREDERICKSBURG CAMPUS Kidspoint training will happen on June 3rd. Plenary & breakout sessions. And we'll finish by having lunch together!

Teams, just a quick recap of Pastor's message yesterday on "GOING PRO". 4 quick thoughts and I'll cover them in the next weeks. It talks about the differences between a PRO and an AMATEUR.


A PRO commits to the process. An AMATEUR covets the promotion

A pro knows and trust the process of growth

  1. Trust the system you're in, it'll make you better
  2. Crucify your need for credit : just do what you should
  3. A pro doesn't care if he's given a microphone or a mop!
  4. Following the process will produce the results and the product


A PRO produces. An AMATEUR projects

All God wants from us is to double what He's given us (Parable of the talents, or the Bags of Gold)

  1. A pro produces results
  2. A coach will produce new Team leader and Coaches for example
  3. A pro doesn't look for excuses like an amateur
  4. A pro just goes for it with all he has in his hands

Now, it is time for YOU to follow the NIKE motto

As a team, recruit 6 new volunteers by MAY 21th. That's 1 person for the 8AM, 1 person for the 5PM, 2 for the 9:30 and 2 for the 11:30 AM service.


I will be out of the office all of next week as I am Virginia Beach for our yearly Staff & Couples retreat. But I will be there on Sunday.

  • May 7 - VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION (8:30 AM and 4 PM)
  • May 16 - GROW
  • May 19-20 - FREEDOM Retreat
  • May 21 - VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION (8:30 AM and 4 PM)
  • May 21 - Baptism
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