Canada In 2050 Demographics, migration, population, and the first nation statistics


Like any other country Canada has been changing and developing. But how might it be in 2050? Will Canada development into a better country ? Will things change incredibly? or more importantly will things stay the same. I have been given the assignment to predict Canada in the year 2050 demographically

Current Canadian Birth, Death, and Migration rate

-Estimated Net Migration Mate of 2016 is 5.7 Migrants/1000 population

-Estimated Death Rate of 2016 is 8.5 Deaths/1000 populaton

-Estimated Birth Rate of 2016 is 8.5 Births/1000 population

2050 Predictions of Demographics

From 2001-2011, Canada's birth rate had stayed around 10-11 births/100population. However Canada has a bloated birth rate because the 3 territories and their high fertility rate. All of the sudden more and more aboriginals are moving to the more urban provinces like Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. In a recent census it showed that 22 percent of the aboriginals moved into ontario only, and 58 percent of the aboriginals moved to the western provinces. For the aboriginals moving to more urbanized provinces was a great decision because it brings a lot of opportunities for them such as better jobs, better health care and education. Aboriginals moving to more urbanized provinces could decrease birth rates because these opportunities that are being shown and given to them will occupy them and they'll more be busy, which means they would focus on things like work and school rather than getting married or having kids. i predict that our birth rate could decrease if the aboriginals continue to come to urbanized provinces, The birth rate could drop to 8-9births/1000 populations. I also think the Canadian death rate can drop too 5-6 death/1000populations because as the populations increase in urbanized provinces so things like health care, employment and education will grown them. The health care, education and the employment rate will increase too because as more people come in the population will increase and we will have too take care of more people, more parents will come looking for jobs and kids will come along looking to get education and we wont be able to squeeze everyone in one area, we will have to develop more schools, jobs and hospitals/clinics. Now that people will get A opportunity with a good job and pay, they'll be able provide such things like food and healthcare which will benefit their lives.

Immigration Prediction

In this video it shows a trend in the Canadian population because it talks how the Canadian population is becoming more diverse. In the video it says that 7.5million babies were not born but they were brought to Canada. which is a pull because its shows people all around the world how diverse is as a country. Currently one and a half people in canada were not born here and the canadian immigration system says by 2031 one fourth/ 25 percent of the Canadians will be born from another country.

Another trend thats starting to happen in Canada is that they're more people immigrating to Canada than people being born in Canada. This isn't a bad thing its just a trend that has been starting to rise. It shows that Canada is welcoming people from all around the world happily, its shows that we're increasing our population in another way than giving birth.

My immigration prediction is that the Canadian immigration and population will increase exponentially because their are many immigrants coming for many reasons such as a safer lives ( Syrian refugees ), better educations and business immigrants. These few reasons will increase our population a lot because Canada is one of the countries that is openly welcoming a lot of syrians refugees, Canada accepted the second most refugees in the world. People will also come to Canada to get a better life for themselves and their children because if they immigrate to Canada their families have a better chance to have a good future in life canada because their children will be provided a better education and their parents could be able to get a great earning job. Other people like business immigrants come to start a better life than they had in a country they came from. They'll also end up immigrating to places like ontario in canada because that would benefit their business cause of their population. By 2050 it'll change too 12 migrants/1000population.

First Nations

Current First Nations

The first nations populations in their territories aren't as good as the non aboriginals. ( us )The first nations in their territories have a very high suicide rate, low employment rate and a low quality in life. Many first nations have migrated from their territories for a better future, they moved down south to like Ontario,Alberta, and Quebec etc.. but many still live in thier territories.

First Nations prediction

My prediction for the first nations is that there will be many of them living in new provinces.i believe there will be many first nations migrating because 400,000 first nations migrated to Ontario only. i think the the suicide rate will drop tremendously because the first nations people will have something to pursue in life and have a future to worry about not saying they wouldn't have something like that in their territories but opportunities they'll be getting in Ontario,Quebec Etc.. they wouldn't be able to get that in their old territories. Also their quality in life will change which will attract more first nations to come to a southern province.



In Conclusion, i think Canada will be a different but better country in 2050. Our natural increase rate will lower but our population will grow at a very fast rate because of the immigration rate. our first nations situation will become way better and our health care system will be better. and in 2050 will have more employed and educated people, that will have a better quality. Canada will also be a very diverse country.



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