In the ages of imperialism religion was very important for the people that lived in African, Spain, Japan, and France. For them religion was going to church every Sunday and thanking god for the food that they had they money they had and the work that they had.
For the people that were religious was important for them that there children were religious. They wanted they children to learn how to prey and how to give thanks to the god that gave them food, money, work, and education.
In a lot of countries political was important to them because a lot of countries have people from all over the world. Political is important to people because the political is there government and they fight for what they want along with the government.
The government for people that live in other countries is political because they are the ones who make the rules of the country they are the ones who tell there art I'd they should fight or not political is basically the government of all the states in the would.

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