Heidelberg 2017 A media team vision

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses. - Malcom X

We are not aiming at making the innocent guilty or making the guilty innocent. We are not aiming to control the minds of masses - we aim at getting their attention.

EmPOWERing them.

Inform them. Inspire them. Engage with them. How? Let us explain.

A bottom up approach

1. Incorporating the session theme

Generally it is our vision to have the session theme as a red thread running through all our products. Great focus will lie in academic workshops, Daily Impacts as well as the session magazine.

2. Team structure

We are seeking for one journalist per committee as well as one editorial assistant charged with video production. Journalists are assigned to a given committee, but expected to work on several projects they conceptualise and carry out on their own.

3. Our media team's role at the session

  • Empowering/engaging/inspiring/informing
  • Getting to the people, having an impact
  • Being visible and grasping moments
  • Making invisible things visible in our products if possible
  • Giving academic input

4. Our role as the editors

We strive for a bottom up approach. We believe in strong facilitation by a combination of providing a clear framework while leaving space for own development. We will thus encourage the journalists to lead their own ideas from the planning to the realisation. At any time we will be happy to assist, whenever we are needed.

5. Our products

  • One big magazine in the end “Session magazine” grasping the session spirit, summing up the theme, events, people of the session
  • Academic workshops: comparison of resolutions of the two prior Power Shift Fora, including possible shifts in legislation or the circumstances
  • Daily Impacts: Daily projects lead by journalists, can be interactive, videos, visual etc. can be related to the session theme or inspiring. Their only prerequisite is purpose.
  • Academic pre-session preparation highlighting a specific aspect of the topic, hopefully including an expert interview → format can be chosen, either video, Prezi presentation, online article (e.g. Adobe Spark format), quiz etc.
  • Videos
  • Maybe website/blog (depending on specific skills of the team)

POWERbank weekend

Already before the POWERbank weekend, we seek to get first introductions out of the way and start analysing what the team is capable of as well as interested in.

The weekend itself, we would like to dedicate to an extend to a thorough training, focusing on technical and personal aspects. Another important part of the week is the agreeing on the different projects that will be worked upon during the session and thereby compiling the nearly complete list of output.

Additionally, we would like to bring forth the idea of a common, shared needs based analysis for the session as a whole, as a means of bringing the officials teams close together. Seeing how we are planning to put the media team through a “NAOMMIE method”, we believe it might be tremendously beneficial for the officials to be commonly engaged in an adaptation of said method.

By compiling our complementary skills and EYP experience from numerous sessions, we believe that we can facilitate a team of strong individuals and create a meaningful media team output with every member of the media team feeling valued.

Sabrina & Tobias


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