The Woman Chancellor By: Natalie Smith

I was born on July 17th, 1954 in Hamburg West Germany. When I was a young child my family and I moved to Templin a town in east Germany. My father was a Lutheran pastor and I was the first born of three siblings. Life was very different in East Germany we lived in fear of the Stasi and we were sheltered from the outside world. In East Germany if I wanted to receive higher Education I had to become part of the Free German Youth, a communist youth organization. Although I new communism was not the best form of government for East Germany, I had to take these steps to be able to go to college.

As a young adult I was very interested in physics and chemistry. I pursued my career and decided to get my doctorate in Physical Chemistry. Science was my passion and it remained that way for a long time. Although I became interested in politics, science still remained close to my heart. I decided I would become a member of the East German Parliament, this further escalated my interest in politics. I wanted to change East Germany and it was my long term dream to instate Democracy throughout Eastern Europe. The year I turned 35 the Berlin Wall was torn down. The day the wall fell was a regular Thursday and I had just finished visiting a friends house. Little did I know that that day was the day of liberation and the day my life would change for the better. When the wall fell we were no longer sheltered from the modern world. My career in politics was now possible. When I turned 36 I took office as a minister in the United Federal Republic of Germany.

Berlin Wall

life after the wall came down moved at a faster pace. I became the chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union Party. This position helped me gain much needed political experience, it was a stepping stone for my future political endeavors. In 2005 I decided to run for chancellor of Germany. This task I knew would be very difficult considering no woman had ever actually been elected. The odds where against me but I managed to win. The day I was elected was one of the best days of my life, coming in a close second after the day the Berlin wall came down. I had become the first Woman to become chancellor of Germany. I knew I was capable after all the German people had elected me.

Angela Merkel Portrait

"Tonight we honor Angela Merkel not for being denied freedom, or even for attaining freedom, but for what she achieved when she gained her freedom"

- Barack Obama

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