Germanium By Keisha matthews

Clemens Winkler discovered GermaniumĀ in the year of 1866. He found it in Germite, Argyrodite, and in some Zinc Ores.

Germite is a Solid.

The symbol for Germanium is Ge.

The Atomic Number for Germanium is 32.

The Mass number for Germanium is 72.64

Germanium has 32 Protons, 41 Neutrons, and 32 Electrons.

Germanium is not found as the free element of nature. Germanium has no biological role but is said to stimulate the metabolism. It's still present in coal and its presence in coal insures reserves for many years.

Physical Properties of Germanium

  • Density of solid
  • Molar Volume.
  • Thermal Conductivity.

Chemical Properties of Germanium

  • Does not dissolve in water.
  • Does not react with Oxygen.
  • Inactive Element


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