Suez Crisis By melanie haase

Egypt join forces with the Soviet union when Israel was after the Egyptian president because they wanted the Suez Canal.

Israel first struck 1956, two days later British and French military forces joined them.

The attack first happened in the Gaza Strip and in Egypt. Around the Suez Canal Zone.

The Egyptian president seized the canal from the French and British . They were upset by this hand decided to go after the Egyptian president.

The Soviet Union was on Egypts side, the US saw this all unfolding and thought it could turn into something major or even war. So the U.S told it's allies to back down. In the end Egypt ended on top not having to fight and getting the canal.

Egypt became a hotspot because there was a lot of tension between Israel and Egypt and if the U.S did not step in and stop it, it could have been a war break out.
The Suez Canal was originally owned by the French and British. Since it was built in Egypt, Egypt thought it should belong to them.
The people involved in this dispute included France, Israel, The United Kingdom, Egypt, and partly the United States.
President Nasser nationalized the canal. He thought if he owned the canal that he could charge tolls to pay for construction of a massive dam on the Nile River.


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