LGBTQ+ Rights Xyanaliz figueroa

Through out history, LGBTQ people have been discriminated, hated, beaten, disowned by their families, and sometimes killed, just because they might like the same gender, or they want to be the opposite gender from the one they are, maybe they do want to be a gender at all, and no one can stop the hate. It will ALWAYS be there, it will NEVER go away.

People do riots and festivals, like the GAY PRIDE festivals, I went to one when I was little, and LGBT people are really nice, they're just special.

We have to be the generation that treats all LGBT's as equals, be if we don't, then we wont have true peace.


Created with images by torbakhopper - "rainbow flag : banner, harvey milk plaza, castro, san francisco (2012)" • pedrosimoes7 - "25 April 2017 - LGBT Movement"

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