Persian Cat BY: Pairwa


Did you know that a persian cat’s fur is SO SOFT?! Persian cats are the cutest cats I have ever seen! Let’s go learn more about it. I am going to teach you 3 things , how to take care them, their behaviour and what they look like. PERSIAN CATS ARE THE BEST CATS EVER?!

How to take care of them

There are many ways to take care of a persian cat to make them HAPPY and healthy! The important thing about persian cats is they do not like to eat wet food. You need to give them food every day. You need to feed them twice a day. Most persian cats are lazy so they don’t like to play and they are kind of arrogant. If you have a baby persian cat, they are different from the old cats. They need to eat 4 times a day. You also have to wash your cat once a week because cats don’t like water so not every day. As you can see persian cats are hard to take care but there are many ways to make them happy!
Behavior of Persian cat
Persian cats have many behaviors and feelings. Most persian cats are arrogant and want people to take care of them. Persian cats are lazy and don’t like to play so they mostly sleep. Persian cats are friendly cats. They don’t bite others or fight with other animals. Persian cats get hungry very fast and that’s why most Persian cats are fat. Persian cats are the kindest and friendliest kind of cat to take care!

What they look like?

Persian cats look cute and they are different from other cats such as eyes, fur and their weight. Persian cats are popular for their eyes because they have different colors on each of their eyes. The pet seller said “Persian cat breeds are super expensive ”. Persian cats’ fur are long and beautiful. They are not like others. Persian cats are small ,fat and adorable so their weight will be more than other cats like about 35 grams-100 grams. See!? Persian cats are the most adorable and cutest kind of cats! They are different from other cats.


Persian cats are cute.I think that if you are a fan of persian cats and want to have them, you could go find and research more about how to take care them : 4 Ways to Care for Persian Cats - wikiHow. Persian cats are kind and most of the time they are not in trouble. Persian cats are adorable and they are different from other kind of cats. Persian cats can be your friends any time so I wish I had given you a lot of information about persian cats. 😆😘
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Lapatrada Chompuwong


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