Building Relationships By: Shadya Feyijinmi

“It takes a village to raise a child.” I’ve heard this expression so often. Those who are fortunate to have a village, community, or family to support them are more likely to succeed. Then there is me. No village, no community, and very small family. At times, that feeling of being lonely and not one person to turn to, will leave anyone feeling helpless and ready to give up on life. I was once in that place. Instead of being challenged academically and enrolling into a higher learning institution I felt it was more important to enter the workforce right after high school graduation. I needed to be able to financially take care of my daughter. By age nineteen I bought by first car, had my own apartment and was a full time employee. To my peers I was successful. I was not. I wanted to do more than just exist in society. I wanted to wake up feeling happy and excited about every day. Often that “village” is a single person that is helpful with a smile on their face. The kind of person I found at Morgan State.

Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. School of Engineering
"I made a goal, and executing it was the next challenge."
College tour for high school students. April 2017

I decided to take control of my life. The main focus was me. By improving me, would enhance my family. I made a goal, and executing it was the next challenge. I wanted to go to college and it was as if I had an angel on my side, guiding me through. I packed my desk and left my full time job to be a full time student at Coppin State University (CSU) in 2013. It was the easiest and hardest decision I ever made. I achieved a 3.75GPA by my third semester. After I completed four semesters at CSU, I still could not settle on a major. I began searching for other HBCU’s. With Morgan State University (MSU) only 30 minutes away from my home, I thought why not go visit the campus. When I walked into the student transfer office, I was greeted with the warmest, overly excited voice I heard in a while. I immediately felt welcomed. Not only was this a good first impression, I felt confident throughout our entire conversation. I thought to myself this could be my new school. Over the past two years I have never been happier.

Screenwriting & Animation (SWAN)
Screenwriting & Animation (SWAN)

There are so many faces of MSU and building relations is the best part. It was kind of what I was missing at my previous institution. At the time, the transfer center was the face MSU. It made me feel at home. Even though time has passed sign I first enrolled, my recent visit to the transfer center felt as if I was a frequent visitor. I could not help but to ask, what keeps her in such great spirits. In response, she stated that she was a parent and treated everyone equally, as if they were her own. Although your personal life should not affect your professional life, she provides a service. Walking into any business establishment you expect to be treated fairly with good customer service and not mean, angry people who did not want to come to work that day. For that reason, she treats everyone how she wants to be treated.

Morgan State University Montebello Welcome Center
Professor Sherlease Bagby -Assistant Director & Articulation Specialist- Transfer Center

As a part time professor, teaching her second semester in Human Behavior and Social Environment, finding balance is important to her. Learning new concepts and seeing different perspectives is the most exciting part in her profession. She stated, MSU is a place of business and if there were no students there would be no jobs. Although all days are not happy days for students, she knows the are new things to learn daily. No work day has been same since 2007 at the university. Implementing new guidelines to ensure the smooth transition for diverse students is top priority. I will always remember the amusing, bubbly short lady in the middle office as one of the reasons I chose MSU to be my alma mater. I no longer wake up feeling sad and empty because my hard work is giving me determination. I now have an extended family being a part of the MSU Community.

Friends and Family Day. Courtesy of
Filming Verizon Innovative Learning Program. Spring 2017
My first production job oppurtunity
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