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China governed structure is by The centrals people government forms one of interlocking branches of power , being communists part of China , and the People's Liberation Army .
Political participation

In order to have political participation in China , citizens must have sense of democracy , equality , freedom , justice , and reciprocity regarding rights and obligations.

Roles of government

Roles of China government are under China's socialist political and economic system , also the government is responsible for the planning and managing the national economic .


China is the largest goods trading partner . They trade with United States , Japan , South Korea , and Taiwan

Silk Road

China used the Silk Road as their trade route to import and export their goods and is still used today.

China exports computers, Broadcasting equipment, telephones , office machine , and also integrated circuits .
Imports in China are crude petroleum, iron ore , gold , And cars .
Industry in China is mainly manufacturing which contribute 40% of China GDP . China's worlds leading are chemical , fertilizers, and steel.
China ranked first worldwide in farming

Agriculture in China consists of 300 million people employees in farming . Primarily farm rice , wheat , potatoes , tomatoes , peanuts , tea , cotton . Millet ,barley, oilSeed , and soybeans.

China Employment

China workforce hired 764.2 million people , with 359.14 employed in urban and 405 million people in rural China . China is also hiring people with no work experience and training them.

Physical environment

China climate goes from subarctic to subtropical that includes , the world's highest peaks , tortuous, river valleys , and coast plains subject to life threatening.

China stretches 5,000 kilometers across the East Asian land mass
Benefits and Drawbacks

The Three Gorges Dam advantages are they help control flooding in China , generate huge amounts of electrical powers , and also make shipping easier to reach China's interior.

The Three Gorges Dam disadvantages are it will cost to much money and cover lands which will reduce the habitat of animals .

Standard living

Poverty in China is becoming a challenge in China when it comes to increasing the country's GDP per capital .

Family life

In China even when family is grown with children of there own , they have to bi or ramen close to home and if not all living generations of family live under the same roof .

Gender roles

Women in China are kept inner most part of the house as men were able to go freely .

Yin (women ) - are soft , passive , and weak . Yang (men) - are hard , dominating, and assertive .

Women main role was to produce a man in order to carry a family bloodline . Even if the husband die when the sun gets older he will have to take over .

The women was taught to be obident and follow the lead of their men .


China education is junior secondary is more common known as , Junior Middle School education that last three years of nine years compulsory education.

Arts and literature

Poetry : classical poetry was first written in China , and ancient myths and legends was a great source of their literature . One famous poetry is called , " The Poetry Of Chu ", and about is the compilation of th Q Yarn and his followers.

Dance : dance main component of ceremonies involves paper and worship , that begin in Shang period . Chinese dancers use various instruments while dancing including sickles, axes , umbrellas, straw hats , scarves . They also wear long sleeves and scarves.

They welcome they new year by eating rice congee and mustard greens to cleanse their body .
The Spring Festival

The Spring Festival starts at the beginning of the lunar new year . It falls between mid - January and February to honor their ancestors. The holiday is marked with fireworks and parades featuring dancers dressed as dragons .

Religious practices are Buddhism , Taoism , Catholicism Islam , and Protestantism .


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