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This is a samurai

A samurai was about 4"7 and 5"2.

Japan became a military society because the general was the one in power. The emperor was just the figure head.

Shogun- is a person who rules for the next ruler because the ruler be too young.

Daimyo- A daimyo was an estate owner who paid no taxes to the government. These people called daimyo were the ones who had a private army of samurai. The samurai defended the daimyo' property and estates.

The samurai were extremely loyal too whoever they served. As matter in fact the word samurai means " those who serve." For example if a samurai's family was against his lord the samurai would disown his own family. Another example is if the samurai were to dishonor his lord he would commit suicide so he can save his family from shame. Samurai would say that they would rather live an honorable life than a long one.

This is what the samurai's armor looked like

The samurai used the katana. A katana is a long sword measuring ‎approx. 60–73 cm (23 5⁄8– 28 3⁄4 in)‎. The katana was good for single slicing motions.

Down below is an example of a samurai using the katana in battle.

This is a picture of the samurai training .

Usually a samurai takes on his fathers duty. For example, if your father or grandfather was a samurai then it was most likely that you would be the one to fulfill their duties

For physical training the samurai must learn how to do many things. For example, a samurai must learn how to ride horse back and shoot an arrow because a samurai rides a horse into battle. They also need to learn how to defend themselves without a weapon just incase they loose their weapon in battle. So for that reason they learn how to do wrestling and jujitsu. Finally they must learn how to use their sword because that is the samurai's most important weapon.

A samurai trained mentally by going a Buddhist monk. They go to them because the monks helped them find a purpose as to why to serve as a samurai. The samurai also trained mentally by being super alert. Alertness is what helped the samurai survive and keep their life.

The samurai's other values was loyalty and personal honor. The samurai took honor and loyalty very seriously. For example is his lord or person he served was killed the samurai might seek revenge for their masters death. Honor meant everything to the samurai's. Their philosophy was that they would rather live an honorable life rather than a long one.

As matter of fact the samurai took honor so seriously that if he were to dishonor his family or lord in any shape or form he would comment suicide. The suicidal ritual was called seppuku. Seppuku was preformed by inviting the samurai's close friends and family, next he would talk a bath, next after his bath he would put in white clothing the type a corpse would wear, next he was served his favorite foods, once he is done he is handed a sword, next with the sword he stabs himself in the stomach making a circular shape, finally a sword man standing behind him cuts his head off so he is put out of pain.

Here is Japanese calligraphy

The samurai were fond of literature. Especially poetry. The samurai were taught how to write in calligraphy. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing.

Here is an image of the Japanese tea ceremony

The tea ceremony depicted the spirit of harmony, reverence, and Ryan step of the tea ceremony had to be performed a certain way. First, the tea master takes people into a small room, next the guest sit in silence watching the tea master prepare and serve the tea, and while the guest are waiting they talk about sophisticated discussions. To make the tea the tea master heats water in an iron urn, next he scoops powdered green tea from a tea caddy into a small bowl, then he puts hot water into the bowl with the green tea powder, he then mixes it with a bamboo whisk, finally the bowl is passed around with each guest taking three sips.

A statue representing Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism emphasized effort and decipline. Zen Buddhism stressed that you will achieve self-reliance and enlightening through meditation. Zen Buddhism mediated crossed legged and still for hours to become enlightment. To Zen Buddhist enghlightment meant that you would give up everyday and logical thinking. Gardens were created to help with meditation.

This statue represents Amida Buddhism

Amid Buddhism belived that everyone could reach paradise. Believers were taught that they could reach paradise by depending on the mercy of Amida Buddha. Amida used to be an Indian prince. When he became a budda people said that he set up a paradise called the pure land. They say that you can only enter the pure land if you say Amida's name 70,000 times a day. Then once you die Amida along with a group of people will take you into the pure land.

This is a figure of a samurai women

In the 12th century a female samurai was very honorable and respected. They were the ones who looked after the household and promoted the family's interest when their husbands were away. When her husband died she could inherit all of his belongings such as, his properties. She could also do the duties of a vassal. Even though the women didn't really fight they still had the same expections of their husbands, which was to have bravery and loyalty.

In the 17th century is when the role of women went downhill. Before the women didn't have to listen their husbands, but in 17th century it was mandatory that a women listened to a man. Women had no freedom at all. They didn't even have a say on who they wanted to marry. Instead their families would have arranged marriages to increase the families wealth and social ranking. They even had a book on how a women should behave properly.

Thank you very much for your time!

As they say in Japanese arigatou. Meaning thank you. I thank you for watching and listening to my samurai project. I hope that you learned new things about the samurai!


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