Greenland Photos And text by Anne Getzieh

In spite of the name it`s not green that dominates the colors in this marvellous part of the world.

It`s blue in uncountable shades which impress your eyes and indulge your senses.

Innumerable icebergs begin their last travel in the Kangia - Icefjord.

drifting icebergs - calving glaciers - sparkling ice - icy coldness - vastness - enlightening beauty - permanent changes - pristine landscapes....

.... that is, what makes the fascination of the greenlandic nature.

One of the icebergs coming out of the Kangia Icefjord is supposed to have been the one which made the Titanic sink.

There is no other possibility as to enjoy the light and the outstanding beauty when you see that magnificent part of the world.

It`s a cold, inhospitable though unbelievable beautiful world there.
Whales love the polytrophic waters of the arctic sea.
A humpback whale in front of an iceberg.

It`s krill what the whales are feeding near the icebergs.

The Inuit in Greenland succeeded in managing the balancing act between the Stone Age and present time.
A traditional marriage
This young inuit cut the tongue of her first shot seal for her traditional amulet-bag.
A fisher and his son. Proudly they present a greenland halibut.
Seals build yet today an important part of the basic food of the Inuit.
This old Inuit Gerd was suffering from dementia but he lived autonomously in his village; supported by the village people.
Ice shows innumerable shades of blue.
And innumerable shapes too.
Blue, white and turquoise are the colors.
An "explosion" of an iceberg.
The Eqi-Glacier in northern Greenland.
The calving glacier.
A newly arisen cave in an iceberg.

Sundowns or sunsets are mesmerizing in that arctic region.

Turquoise and gold - an incredibly beautiful color combination.

A cutter on midnight tour.

Flowing glacier milk in the evening light.

The arctic ice shield is in general getting smaller - more icebergs begin their last travel. For the moment that increases the beauty of the landscape there.


I was rather at odds with myself :

What can be admired is first of all the result of our exploitation of the non-renewable resources and resulting consequences.

This beautiful part of the world is now rapidly changing because of the progressing climate change - and that will have severe consequences concerning the whole earth no one can really oversee now.

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