The Wheel Sessions Jazz in Greenville

The Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Presents:

The Wheel Sessions

The “Wheel Sessions” is a jazz performance series hosted in Greenville South Carolina. Performances begin at 7:30 pm, and are held in front of an intimate listening audience. There is a $15 entrance fee, which includes two sets of music. Attendees may BYOB.

October 25, 2018

Asheville pianist Bill Bares is one of the Carolina’s foremost jazz musicians and educators. Armed with a performance degree from the U (Miami) and a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Harvard University, along with having spent several years gigging on the New York City jazz scene, Bill is a seasoned veteran. At his first Wheel Session appearance the Greenville audience was totally knocked out with his performance. The same great trio returns for this show: fellow Asheville musician bassist Zack Page and resident WS drummer, Kevin Korschgen.

Kevin Korschgen, the host of the Wheel Sessions, says: “Our patrons and I are very happy that the Fellowship will serve as our new home. The Wheel Sessions are an underground jazz performance series originally hosted at “The Wheel” in West Greenville’s Arts District. “The Wheel” was a shared arts space that we were able to convert into a comfortable and intimate concert setting. It was a magical place that people loved. It was home to our first 41 sessions and will never really be duplicated. However, I think we have created a new and different vibe at the Fellowship Hall. It has really been the music and the people who are responsible for The Wheel Sessions’ success; that has not changed!”

Fellow Greenville Unitarian Universalist member George Kanzler talking about music theory and time signatures.

Directions & Parking:

Enter from State Park Road, continue around the building to the back. Plenty of illuminated parking at the back entrance of the GUU Fellowship. Go through the double doors, to hallway on the right to the fellowship hall.

Each session features a different jazz artist, Our mission is to entertain, enrich, and enlarge the Greenville Jazz Community.

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