Hello ministry partner! how are you? We hope and pray that everything is alright with you, your work and your family. summer is coming and we are excited to update you of the things happening in our campus ministry here in tayug.
We continue raising next generation through coaching them in faith, discipleship and leadership.
THESE STUDENTS are the next generation LEADERS we have in tayug. representing two campuses (Tayug NHS & Pan pacific north university philippines)
They are excited to learn and be equipped as we get ready for the next school year. Preaching the Gospel and sharing one2one to every students in every campus here in tayug.
MAKING DISCIPLES CLASS (w/ five students, and one couple)
we also start training our interns through making disciples class. sharing to them that they don't need a lot experience or maturity in doing the ministry. God is ready to use them as they preach the gospel and start their own victory groups.
Six days after the training Leah (left side) shared the Gospel to her classmate Krisha and started following her up through one2one. *Suweeg* It's amazing to see students stepping out in faith and allowing themselves to be used by God.

Leah understood that experience, skills, age or knowledge is not a hindrance in making a difference all we need is obedience. And there is a need of sharing the Gospel not just to her classmates but also to her family. That the Gospel can change life and bring hope to all who are hopeless, and desperate for deliverance in whatever situation they are into.

Continue to pray for us as we train them this Saturday on how to share the two-verse evangelism and two-minute miracle along with some exercise on how to facilitate victory group.
We also made a surprise party for the the 18th Birthday of Gwyneth one of our student leaders in PUNP. This is what we value, we celebrate together and share lives together. As we let them grow in the LORD we want them to experience family in our ministry. As we advance the Kingdom of God, we want them to feel the love and acceptance that was snatched from them because of the world. Thank you for you are a big part of this celebration.
Exciting things has happened in our ministry in tayug, through out the school year we've been praying for more students to hear the gospel and be change through it, we've been praying for more student leaders to rise up and make a difference in their campuses, we've been praying for more campuses to open.. and now god is faithfully giving us all this prayers..

Thank you so much for making this happen!

On behalf of Every Nation Campus Ministry, again we want to say thank you for we cannot do this on our own. You are really a vital part and a blessing to this ministry. Know that our work is not in vain. As we continue to Honor God and Make Disciples, as we continue to delight in the way of the LORD the bible knows that He will give us the desires of our hearts. Let us continue to commit our ministry and our personal lives to the LORD, trust in Him and He will make a way in every situation, battles, struggeles and tempation we have.

We already have the victory because of Christ. Together, let's be in faith and continue to CHANGE THE CAMPUS AND CHANGE THE WORLD!

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