Omn Nom Nom By LAuren Cho

Low quality food lacks color, which also means it has no life and it is rotten.

This photo of rotten produce emphasizes the point in the sense, the quality of food is an important to the individuals health.

Poor handling of produce that was once fresh and consumable, becomes bruised and prone to rot quicker if it is not take care of.


College kids are broke and often times do not have money to afford healthy food, therefore, since the price of junk food is cheap and more accessible, the students munch on bad food which leads to the students health to be damaged.

The vending machines across campus are filled with unhealthy drinks. These drinks should be substituted with healthy natural drinks that will give the students pure form of sugars and energy.

Low quality food damages the body, whether it be processed artificial food versus rotten inedible food.

Healthy food equates to a healthy lifestyle, which is what college students need. If the students have healthy food, they will not worry about what to eat, and have more time to study and participate in activities!


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