The start of Buddhism

From @KingSudhodana Our son will be a great leader in the future. #Thenewbornofalegend #thelifeofSiddhaetha 563 BCE

From @QueenMaya I'm about to pass away. Prajapati, please take care of my son Siddhartha. #ThedeathofQueenMaya

From @Siddhartha all these school work are so easy, I don't even need any teacher to teach me. #ThelifeofSiddhartha

From @KingSudhodana Our son hasn't train to be a warrior for long, how could he beat those who have trained for years in a warrior game. #ThedevelopementofSiddhartha

From @KingSudhodana My son just got married! #ThemarriageofSiddharthaandyasudhara

From @KingSudhodana To prevent my son become a saint rather than an emperor, I mustn't let him see any dying people or the people that's suffering because of sickness #theconflictofemperorandsaint

From @Siddhartha Yasodhara just gave birth to our baby Rahula. #ThebirthofRahula

From @Siddhartha I want to go see the outside world. #ThestoryofSiddhartha

From @Siddhartha This is so shocking! I didn't even know that people will grow old and die! #Thetruthofmortality

From @KingSudhodana My son just got so sad. I can't help him to get out of the depression. #ThestartofBuddhism

From @Suddhartha I must leave this place and go to search for the truth. #ThestartofBuddhism #ThestoryofSuddhartha

From @Suddhartha Under the tree of enlightenment, I've became the Buddha and I will be the teacher of this great world! #ThestartofBudddism #ThestoryofSuddhartha


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