Prom 2018 May 5 | The Crane Bay Event Center

Shane Stits '18 and Morgan Ingle '18 wait outside Crane Bay for the doors to open at 7 p.m.
Allen Schwedler '18 and Emily Skluzacek '20 enjoy the outdoor patio.
Jordan Latham '19 brought his date from another school.
Students were photographed before walking into Prom.
Junior Presley McGraw and Senior Jeremy Hicks slow dance during the song "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran.
Senior Morgan Golay brought 2017 CG grad Isaac Grabbe as her date.
Robin Jones '19 dances with friends by the stage. "Prom was an amazing night! Everyone danced until they were sore and the building was hot, but the atmosphere was amazing," Jones said.
Seniors Kevin Trumbauer and Jonah Johnson play cornhole outside on the patio.
Juniors Lucas Roehling, Molly Surface, Kiley Yovanoff, and Nik Browning pose for the camera on the dance floor.
Riko Williams '19, Olivia Brooks '18, Victoria Collins '18, Romero Gee '19, Deannah Dillworth '18, and Tajia Powell '18 goof off for the camera. "It was a fun experience with my friends and [they] made everything 10 times more fun," Dillworth said.

Prom King & Queen

The Prom King and Queen winners this year were Cameron Brooks '18 and Isabelle Andersen '18.
Junior Prince and Princess went to Ben Nicoson and Ellie Jarosinski.
If you would like your prom photos to be included, email it to sykesvic000@students.centergrove.k12.in.us.
Created By
Alainey Kovacs and Tori Sykes

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