Hayden Reagan genius hour ODST ARMOR COSTUME

I plan on learning how and eventually building my own set of wearable armor costume out of EVA foam. Learning how to make stencils and making them the right shape and proportions. Then tracing the stencils onto the foam and cutting it out of the foam and shaping the pieces with heat gun if needed. Finally gluing all the pieces together making it into the desired armor piece. Additionally i can paint it or add battle damage given extra time. I want to learn this because it has always intrigued me making something out of what seems like nothing, being able to see my progression and see something that was in my mind and making it reality bringing it to life. It will definately be a fun process and have an awesome outcome. My progression can be measured by the steps that it takes to complete the project and the number of steps i have completed. First things first i gotta go buy the materials or what i call it "potential armor".

2nd blog report -bought all the materials needed and watched several videos of how to get started and found a bunch reference pictures of the armor i selected and started on making templates out of paper. I have to make the right size to fit me while keeping the same shape and it involves more math than i anticipated but its showing to be more simple than what most would think. the work is fun and i can see it coming together already its still 2d and not really looking like armor yet but it has the right shapes of each side , im excited to transfer my stencils on to the foam and cut that out so i can begin construction and have it looking like armor its coming along and cant wait to see it finished.
3rd blog report- i have all the pieces glued together and wearable i had to redo several pieces because i used too much glue and it seeped out the sides and look awful so i redid the pieces and used a lot less and went back and sanded the edges and joint spots where they meet to try and make it look flush and like its one solid piece instead of a bunch of smaller ones connected next i plan on learning how to add battle damage and then i can begin the paint job , i want it to look very battle worn and used. cause i dont hvae the helmet its expensive to buy one and too complicated to make one so im hoping the damage will make it have like a feel that the wearer lost the helmet in combat or something of that sort.
taught myself how to do battle damage i didn't watch a video or anything to learn how to do this. i used a dremmel tool with the cone sanding bit to get the bullet graze effect that i was going for i may have over done it tho cause my pieces look completely butchered like they were targets at a gun range and just too much but its okay i can make it work i am happy with the turn out so far none the less next up is spray painting which im going to have to figure out the color scheme quick and get these painted so i can make them wearable with velcro and straps , may make the legs wearable with soccer shin guards and gluing them in, and hopefully the paint job will make these look like metal and heavy. will have to wait and see and hope for the best.
the finished ODST after a total of 12 hours cutting and crafting and gluing then to come up with a paint scheme then paint it after adding all the scars and battle damage , a gave all the pieces a matallic silver spray paint/primer . i then had to put masking tape in all of the battle scars and damage after they were all taped up i put the Tan plastic base type spray paint on all of the pieces and waited for it to dry after it was dry i took off the tape leaving all the battle scars and damage silver giving the effect of the paint of the armor chipping off from the bullets and scratches and making it look like real metal i then got black spray paint and got really far away and did burst sprays dusting the pieces with black pain making it look darker and grimy and used and dirty, i didn't learn this from a video or forum or anything i improvised the whole paint job and i'm happy with the turn out i think it looks amazing this was a bit challenging but fairly simple after learning all the tips and tricks i am definitely going to making more sets and more different types of armor in the future , hope you like it

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