The Elizabethan Era By: Jayden Heikkila

Thesis: Life during the Elizabethan era left a positive impact on the world we live in today through clothes, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Subtopic 1: Clothes and Fashion

Quote 1: "Women's dresses, made of silk or velvet and covered with rich embroidery, went down to their ankles and had a frame underneath to the make the skirts standout" (Elgin 16).

Commentary 1: Clothes were highly valued to most people besides the poor during that era. Elizabethan was always looking for new fabrics and styles from Spain, France,and Italy.

Quote 2: "Elaborate hairstyles and powdered wigs decorated with ribbons and jewels made up for the fact people hardly ever washed their hair"(Elgin 16).

Commentary 2: During the era people took a shower or washed there hair only occasionally because they thought of it as being unnecessary. To hide this they wore there hair up in intricate hairstyles.

Quote 3: "Men wore a short embroidered doublet,tights,and fancy shoes with high heels"(Elgin 16).

Commentary 3: Men commonly wore lace that was hardened with starch. Men dressed similar to women in the way that they both regularly dressed immensely elegant.

Subtopic 2: Entertainment

Quote 4:"Popular pleasures during the Elizabethan Age included archery, bowls (similar to bowling), and dancing. People liked music, and wealthy people were expected to play musical instruments on social occasions"(Bumgardner).

Commentary 4:Music played a huge role in the daily lives of People during the Elizabethan era and was a major form of there entertainment.Dance was a common past time and was said to be an exercise.

Quote 5:"Elizabethan men enjoyed all kinds of competitive physical sports like riding, wrestling, and fencing"(Elgin 20).

Commentary 5: During these sports men could show of their skill and strength. Other sports like fishing and hunting could also be played by the poor and the rich.

Quote 6:"Many women including Queen Elizabeth, also took part in sports like riding and archery"(Elgin 20).

Commentary 6:Women took place in very few sports because they were expected to be more modest and take place in different past times. Women leisure activities included reading, playing instruments, and sewing.

Subtopic 3: Lifestyle

Quote 7:"England in the Elizabethan Age was more peaceful and prosperous than it had been for more than a century"(lace).

Commentary 7:When Queen Elizabeth started her rule the city became more calm and successful. There was more trade than there had been in centuries and importance grew in cities.

Quote 8:"Towns provided markets,places where people from the farms could bring goods to trade for what they could not produce"(Lace).

Commentary 8:Agriculture grew massively during the Elizabethan Era. Farmers grew crops and livestock that suited the land best.

Quote 9:"England had strengthened its international reputation, however, and used this influence to extend its reach beyond its own coastlines"(Caffrey).

Commentary 9:The queen thought that after the expansion colonization would help the city regain everything lost in battle.This also opened trading routes and helped England receive foreign goods.

Quote 10:"England's economy also prospered. Elizabeth's court became a center for musicians, scholars, and writers"(Gibbs).

Commentary 10:One of England's most successful periods was Elizabeth's reign. She was a strong and clever ruler and loved to surrounded herself with talented people.

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