La Musica alejandro sanz

Artist name- Alejandro Sanz

Early Childhood- He's from Madrid

College/Music School- He left school at the age of 16 to pursue his music career

How did he get into music- His father was a professional guitarist

Bumps along the road- When he release his debut album at the age of 19 he didn't gain sucess

Genre of music- Rock, funk, electronic, jazz

Biggest album- Mas

List of albums- sir ope, Vivienne reprisal, Valparaiso express, e tern ed Los mementos, Los chulos so pa'cuidarlos, coleccion definitiva, la musica no se toca, grandes exitos, no es lo mismo, el alma al aire, unplugged, canciones para un paraiso en vivo

Popular songs- deja que te bese, amiga mia, corazon partio, no me compares, a la promera persona

Honors and awards- 17 Latin Grammy, and 3 Grammy awards

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