Of mice and men


George's dream is to be his own boss.

"Well, said George, we'll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens" (ch1 pg 14)

  • He is physically small compared to Lennie
  • He has a big dream of his own
  • He is Best friends with Lennie
  • He always watches over Lennie
  • George is very smart
  • He is very self aware
  • Thinks everything through

"Ok-Ok I'll tell ya again." (Chapter 1 pg 4)

"It wasn't much to you, maybe, but it was a hell of a lot to him." (Chapter 2 of 38)


Lennie's dream is to have his own land with animals and a farm.

"An live off the fatta the lan." (Ch 1 pg 14)

  • Tall
  • Physically buff
  • Not aware
  • Mental problem
  • Extremely strong
  • Childish
  • He finds comfort in petting soft things

"Oh sure, George." (Chapter 1 pg 5)

"Strong as a bull." (Chapter 2 pg 22)


Candy's dream is the same as George and Lennie's, he wants to share the same dream as them.

"How much they want for a place like that?" (Ch3 pg 59)

  • Old
  • Ranch worker
  • One handed
  • Makes little money
  • His best friend is a dog
  • His dog is old just like himself
  • He lost his hand in an accident

"You ain't got no gun." (Ch 3 pg 47)

"Maybe tomorra." (Ch 3 pg 47)


Curley's dream is to be a man and to be respected by everyone.

"Curley's pretty handy, the swamped said skeptically." (Ch2 pg 26)

  • Thinks he's tuff
  • Son of the boss
  • Married to a woman that loves men
  • Picks a fight
  • Beats up anyone
  • Has a glove of Vaseline
  • Wants respect

"Any of you guys seen my wife?" (Chapter 3 Pg 53)

"Where the hell's slim?" (Ch 3 pg53)

Curley's wife

Curley's wife's dream is to be in Hollywood and become an actress.

"He says he was gonna put me in the movies. Says I was a natural." (Ch5 pg 88)

  • Married to curley
  • Flirts with curley's co-workers
  • Has the eye
  • Longs to be an actress
  • Beautiful
  • Curley hair
  • Thinks she could get any guy

"Baloney." (Ch 4 pg 79

"Where'd you get them bruises on your face." (Ch 4 pg 80)


Slim's doesn't really have a dream, he's realistic and is just there to give advice and watching over everybody.

  • Slim gives lennie a puppy
  • He has some pretty easy rules
  • Prince of the farm
  • Curley listens to slim
  • He looks young and seems ageless
  • He gives everyone advice
  • He gave George and Lennie the job

"Your's for success, William Tennner." (Ch3 pg 46

"Little guy?" (Ch3 pg 46


Crook's dream is to be seen equal and treated the same as everybody else.

"I had enough he said coldly." (Ch4 pg 80)

  • He is bitter about working way too much
  • He is happy when Lennie and George move into his room
  • Takes care of the horses
  • His name is "Crooks" because of his crooked back
  • A horse kicked his back that's why it's crooked
  • He lived by himself before Lennie and George started working
  • He lived alone because he was black

"I had enough." (Ch 4 pg. 80)

"Yes, ma'm" (Ch 4 pg. 80)

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