Qualitative Research Project By: Madison Givens

Building Relationships with Students




Intentionally Building a relationship with students

Take Action
Find a solution
Looks for Positive and Negative Feedback


Dishonor Teacher
Students begging for good grades

Teacher- Student relationship effect on academic performance

Positive Cause and Effect
Negative Cause and Effect

A teacher's Job

Be interested
Care about your students
Created By
Madison Givens


Created with images by DariuszSankowski - "knowledge book library" • jerrykimbrell10 - "smiling teacher female" • Yishun Junior College Photos - "Teachers' Day 2011" • newsong - "back to school school supplies pencil" • martaposemuckel - "smurfs school teacher" • tmcdaily - "artist unknown" • kkimpel - "Honesty" • andreas160578 - "communication error no connection" • Got Credit - "Share" • PatrickSeabird - "Fairnesszone" • LifeHouseDesign - "Trust... Something that im loosing." • vanzele.justien - "Action" • Juan Manuel Cruz del Cueto - "The Solution" • cogdogblog - "Got Feedback?" • Bogdan Migulski - "Sculpture in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris" • lifefeed - "chani begging" • sashajassem - "Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange. explored*" • Kurious - "hand flag america" • the Italian voice - "Thumbs-down" • Kristoffer M.C. - "Interest" • lok_lok05 - "caring hand"

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