Color Sorter #2 Seth papania and partner Michel Reising

Project Description

Choose a robot to build and build it following instructions and run the program through it. The robot will scan colored pieces and you put them on a track and it will organize them and put them in to different cups.

Program Description

Picture Part 1 - The first part controls the pushing part of the bot that pushes out the blocks and the moving on the track to put the pieces in the right cup.

Picture Part 2 - It starts with the loop of scanning the color titles and has the display of arrows that point to the color sensor and the number of blocks scanned and put in the bot. It also loops and acts as two sensors and if the center button is pushed it will end the loop.

Picture Part 3 - If the center button is pressed it will bypass from the color sensor and start the next part of the program it also makes the sounds for the scanning and each color piece. To end the loop you must either press the center button or or maximum amount of pieces has been reached.

Picture Part 4 - The loop will playback and it will move along the track and hit the touch sensor every time. It also uses the number of times it has been sensed and runs the loop that many times. The switch in number mode. Takes the block input and says the color out loud and puts the pieces in the right cup. The last part of the program the motor knocks the tile out and rests until it finishes it maximum number of loops.




What I Learned

What learned is that the color sorter can be a harder build because it uses a lot of pieces and that every piece has a reason and they all work together to complete the programs task.

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