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Check out some random photos taken while living in Poland a few years ago. Listen to my Podcast titled: "Being Scared And Saddling Up Anyway: My Story About Moving Abroad." If you have questions, pop in on our Instagram - I will answer every question you have. Enjoy the show! And, the pictures!

Joanna Sobjanek, host, Caramel Chic Radio

Polish people love to play chess. I just pretend.
Wroclaw museum. I forgot the name of it. But, the dress is quite impressive.
Waiting for the train to Gdynia. Always trains, buses and walking. No car.
Got caught putting on lipstick. But of course! It wouldn't be me without makeup!
Wroclaw, Poland with hubby. Restored hotel on ancient grounds. Beautiful, isn't it?
A quick visit to Germany, Lower Saxony region. This is a little town called Leer. Can you spot what the table is made out of?
Leer, Germany. Can you spot the car parked on the side walk? Yep, most European cities allow this. In US you would get a ticket! Ha, ha! This explains the interesting driving method all over EU.
Sopot, near Gdynia. Resort town near the Baltyk Sea. We loved taking walks on the promenade. That was a beautiful but windy and cold fall day.
In my podcast I talk about renting a car and driving eight hours along random Polish road maniacs in order to get to far away countrysides. Well, this is where I ended up. A fairy tale land where my grandparents lived.
You may not know this but my nick name in Polish is Asia pronounced: Ashia. In fact, all Joannas are Ashias. Don't ask me why.
Old Cathedral in Gdansk, which is situated right next to my beloved Gdynia.
Husband proposing. Again. Not sure why, we were already married. :)
The fairy tale land again. Smolniki, Suwalki, Poland. My dreamland.
A really old church in the countrysides.
Hubby and I in Gdansk in 2015. In the back you see Motlawa Street lined with cafes, restaurant and the never ending crowds of tourists. A truly romantic place to be, and to meet someone. Roses are being sold on the streets. I noticed that Polish men still have that chivalry in them that has been long forgotten in the US. Sigh!
I don't know what it is about me but I like cows. They seem to like me too.
Gdansk, Poland few months before moving back to the states.
Malbork Castle near Gdansk, Poland. The place is enormous!
Malbork Castle near Gdansk, Poland.
Narrow ancient staircase inside the magnificent Malbork castle.
Malbork Castle. Have you ever seen a fire place this big? I look like I just came out from the movie "Honey I Shrunk The Kids."
Last Christmas 2015 in Poland with my in-laws before departing for USA in April of 2016.
Hancza Lake, deepest lake in Poland. Near my grandparent's place.
Smolniki, Suwalki - the fairy tale land.
Thirsty after stressful eight hour drive to the far north-east country sides.
Malbork Castle. Notice the tiny windows.
Malbork Castle. Cobble stoned side walks and all brick structure. You need a few days to see the entire place.
Horses running around the fairy tale land. They belong to my aunt.

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"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." - Leo Tolstoy

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