singers natcha and aiko

Do you like music? I bet you do! Because everyone likes music. And in this information writing you will see singers we like and groups and also read on to see the songs and singers that we like and we know. So if you want to know, read more to see. The things we like and know


There are lot’s of singer like Katy Perry,Bruno Mars,Taylor Swift,Demi Lovato,Camila,,Britney spears,Ariana Grande,Jessie J,Lorde,Ed Sheeran,Justin timberlake and Charlie Puth! These are the singers that we like but there are some singers that we don’t like but we are not going to say the name because we don’t want to name them because we don’t want to make them sad and they also work hard on their songs and others might like them including we might not know other songs that are pretty good but some songs are pretty bad sorry we are saying that but it's true.and when singers come to you country you need to get a signature very important but too bad you got to get in line super LONG line so wake up early and don’t be a sleepy head but try to get the first signature.

katy perry

Groups of singers

Not only there are singers but there are celeberty groups like fifth harmony,one direction,the Vamps,Little mix and Maroon 5.these are the groups we know and like a lot and sometimes they go to game shows like when one direction went to the late show with Jimmy Fallon they played never have I ever and tattoo roulette and that is all I know, because I don't watch it much right now but it is was fun watching the show, I also watched other vids with different celebs like the musical wheel of impressions and it very fun!

little mix

Types of songs

Singers sing different kinds of songs and in videos they can sing love songs or breakup song like blank space from Taylor Swift and some can be a rap people like different types of music. And those singers will keep making songs in the future. But we don’t care if you know more than us because we don’t listen to every song in the entire world because there are too many songs to hear because there are probably about 1,000 songs in the world

rock and roll

We don’t know all songs

We love songs from groups and alone singers. But we don’t know all group of singers we only know some not all you might know more than me and Aiko and same for single singers maybe in the next 20 years we might know more songs than you or you might know more songs than us

fifth harmony

So we don’t know every song maybe you do but someday you might become a singer or we might become a singer but promise us that you won’t forget us and if you are famous please tell us that you're famous

taylor swift bye bye


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