My Timeline By gracee pohlmann


Born: July 26,2001

School: August 2007


  • Volleyball- December 2009 to present
  • Basketball December 2009-2015
  • Track- March 2013 to present


  • Little sister born-7/29/2011
  • Grandma Pat died-August 14, 2011
  • Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes-March 2, 2013
  • Mom got remarried- August 11, 2007
  • Moved to Aurora- August 2007


High school: August 2016

Graduate: May 2020

I want to be on National Honor Society my Junior and Senior year.


  • Volleyball: August 2016- August 2019
  • FBLA: August 2016- May 2020
  • Track: March 2017- March 2020



Start of College: August 2020

Graduate: May 2024

During college I want to maintain a 3.7 GPA or higher.


  • Play volleyball for Kansa State- August 2020-August 2023
  • Pre-Physician Club

Dream Job: Pediatrician in Lincoln, NE @ Lincoln Pediatric Group- August 2029

Retirement: October of 2066

American Academy of Pediatrics

By age 35 I would like to own my own Pediatric Practice.

Famiiy Life

Married: September 2026

Kids: March 2027, May 2029, September 2031, and July 2033

Ten things

  1. Own a house by age 25
  2. Swim with dolphins by age 30
  3. Mission trip by age 30
  4. Helicopter through the Grand Canyon by age 40
  5. Go to Paris by age 45
  6. Go to all 50 states by age 50
  7. Go to a Germany by age 55
  8. Go on a Cruise by age 65
  9. Visit or meet the president by age 65
  10. Step foot on all continents by age 70

Reflection Questions

I believe it is important to start planning for my future now so I have a plan and an idea of what I need to do.

My mom is going to be one of the main people to help me. She pushes me to do my best and has taught me to never settle, to keep pushing. My mom will continue to support me in all I do and help me with it. She believes in me and that makes me believe in myself.

The second person who will be there is my dad. My dad has always been there for me. He pushes me to do better no matter what. He believes I can do it and he supports me through it.

The last main people who will help is my family. My family supports me in what I do. They believe I me and trust that I will make appropriate choices. They also push me to do my best and to never give up.

I think in the future I need to remember to never give up. I need to remember to work hard and not to get caught up in the little things. I need to remember to spend time with family and friends!

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