My creation Pencil holder

I made a pencil holder that looks like a pencil. I did not really enjoy making this because the site used was temperamental and I felt like I couldn't get done what I wanted to get done.

I am an English teacher, so I think this would really only be useful to show certain character models or just to use as a way to incorporate tangible objects into lessons.

Students need to know how to code in order to do many jobs in today's world. They also need to know these things in order to complete real-world math problems in many cases.

What was most fun was seeing how to work the Spheros in order to get them to do a specific task. I could adapt things we have done today in my classroom by trying to find a virtual version of certain activities, like the Sphero. I don't think most of my students would be able to use the actual robots in class due to their behaviors with one another, but something they could do online might be easier for them.


Created with images by Steve Nagata - "Sphero Arrives!"

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