JUNETEENTH VOLUNTEERING Volunteer for Organizations Empowering Black Communities

This year, Adobe is observing a global day off on June 19 (Juneteenth) – a day that commemorates the effective end of slavery in the United States – to focus on reflection and advocacy. We’ve compiled a list of volunteer opportunities where you can help fight racial injustice and create lasting change in your communities.

Employees can also earn a $25 non-profit donation for every hour of volunteer service they log on Impact@Adobe.

HBCU 20x20


Time Commitment: 30 minutes

HBCU 20x20 remains committed to the professional development of the communities we serve. The organization is looking for professionals to volunteer their time to host mock interview sessions with HBCU students in their network. As companies look into new fall recruitment strategies, HBCU 20x20 wants to make sure every student is prepared for those opportunities. Your time can really make a difference.

True Connection


Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

True Connection is seeking writers who can produce and write 6-15 second scripts that demonstrate why EQ (emotional intelligence) training is so important in preventing and combating systemic racism. This person must have integrity, passion and have ample time to produce, write, and create these scripts on a weekly basis.

Black Connect, Inc.


Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

Black Connect is in need of several event planners to coordinate online fundraisers, workshops, and other events. Tasks will involve securing guest speakers and coordinating logistics and marketing.

Black Connect is also in need of a public relations professional to build public relations strategies that influence public opinion and promote Black Connect's ideals, mission, products, and services.



Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

We are seeking passionate, skilled volunteers who can assist in organizing an online Live Event centered on Black Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter Panel will create a dialogue in the New York City community and beyond and shed light on systemic injustices. The panel will bring together experts and leaders and discuss strategies as we continue joining for a worthy cause.

grassroots law project


Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

Help us respond to the crisis of state-sanctioned racial violence by joining our team of grassroots organizers and legal experts committed to transforming the American criminal legal system. Together, we will apply our skills and resources to address the most egregious cases and to mount massive campaigns to protect one another, and advance social justice initiatives quickly and effectively.



Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

People Power is the ACLU's platform for grassroots action. Our volunteer teams help mobilize and organize communities all across the country in defense of our civil liberties by making calls, sending texts or translating materials into Spanish.

Brown Hope


Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

The Brown Hope Action Team is established with the intentional goal of advancing the mission of Brown Hope. The Action Team serves as a space for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people to work directly with racially privileged people in the pursuit of justice as a lived experience.

Center for Policing Equity


Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

The Justice Nerds are a band of citizens not afraid to stand and show our commitment to stopping racial bias before it starts. Police reform is hard, but it can work. We are marching to a goal — it’s exciting and energizing. Justice Nerds are the ones that stave off the temptation to despair when it seems that progress is in retreat. We will reduce violence, save lives and reduce racial disparities. We need citizens engagement and support to keep our research independent.

Hope Not Hate


Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

We're building communities that are inclusive, celebrate shared identities and are resilient to hate. Sign up now to join your local HOPE not hate group.

Black Voters Matter


Time Commitment: 1-10 hours

Black Voters Matter is dedicated to building power across the south! We need your help to do so! Fill out this form to sign up to help and we'll notify you when the campaigns are launching!

Black Power Blueprint: The African People's Education and Defense Fund


Time Commitment: Less than one hour

Help us appreciate our donors to the Black Power Blueprint, a model for economic and political power to transform African communities. Send donor appreciations and gifts, help design new thank you cards and gifts. You can be part of building a future of self determination and prosperity for African people!

the last seen project


Time commitment: Less than one hour

Last Seen offers genealogists and researchers a new tool for telling family stories of separation and survival during slavery, emancipation, and Civil War. The site offers easy access to thousands of “Information Wanted” advertisements taken out by former slaves searching for long lost family members. The ads taken out in black newspapers mention family members, often by name, and also by physical description, last seen locations, and at times by the name of a former slave master. You can help bring this new powerful genealogical tool to life by transcribing these ads!

center for common ground


Ongoing voter suppression and voter list purging have been disenfranchising millions of eligible voters -- especially voters of color. Reclaim Our Vote works in those voter suppression states. Our volunteers inform and mobilize voters of color to make sure they are registered and they know how to get a ballot and vote. It is a nonpartisan campaign of the nonprofit 501(c)3 Center for Common Ground. In 2019 we sent 347,000 postcards, 114,000 texts, and made 90,000 calls to voters in our target states! Our goals for 2020 are substantially higher -- and we need your help! We are, currently, focusing on Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Texas. We have made more than 140,000 phone calls and sent more than 1.4 million postcards so far in 2020.

Spicy Green Book


We are gathering a growing list of volunteers to help compile a directory of black owned businesses. Our mission is to establish a space to help people who seek to create change within their communities. All volunteer roles listed below will have contributions listed and we will link your website/social media pages. If you are interested in volunteering with us, here are a few positions we are looking for:

  • Project Manager
  • Photographer
  • Writers / Journalists
  • Designers
  • Content Manager
  • Videographer
  • Food Critic
  • Social Media Ambassador

For more information on these roles, see the Spicy Green Book website.

Contact brandpurpose@adobe.com if you have any questions or wish to add to this list of volunteering opportunities.