🗡 Samurai ⚔️ A presentAtion by jacob Vergara, period 2

So first off, what is a Samurai?

Samurais were loyal, brave, honest Japanese warriors. They protected the shogun. They were educated in fighting, art, writing, and literature. The word samurai means "those who serve". The samurai era lasted for 700 years.

The military government was established by Minamoto Yoritomo. Emperors appeared to have power but did not. The real people with power were the shoguns. The Samurai protected the shoguns in return for rewards. Around this time both women and men could be Samurai.

In the 14th century, Shoguns ruled with the help of daimyos. Daimyos became more powerful overtime and started to act like the land they owned were small kingdoms. The Samurai allied the daimyos.

Chaos erupted in the late 15th century. Daimyos had Samurai fight other Daimoy's Samurai to conquer more land.

After a century of chaos, Daimyos defeated other diamyos and recreated a strong government of military. The next 250 years were peaceful. Samurai served the daimyos and shoguns

Wha type of armor did Samurai wear?

Before the Samurai put on there armor, they would put on a robe called a kimono then put on trousers. Then they put on shin guards usually made of cloth or leather. Next the Samurai put on their metal armor. The metal armor was designed in a way to be flexible but strong. The Samurai's helmet was designed to look fierce to scare opponents.

What type of Weapons ⚔️ did Samurai use? 🗡

The Samurai fought with lots of weapons. They fought with wooden bows and arrows. The bows were long and took great strength to use. They also used spears. But their most prized weapon was their sword.

Becoming a skilled Samurai meant lots of training. Samurai practiced archery until they could shoot an arrow accurately without a thought. They also had to learn swordsmanship. Some tactics they learned were how to make an opponent make the first move, and how to continue a battle if they broke their sword. They were also taught martial arts in case they had no weapons at the time of battle.

Samurai Battles

Samurai had very interesting and unique ways of battling. First off, messengers from both sides would meet and discuss a place and time for the battle to occur. Then the two armies faced each other as they called out names, ancestors, heroic deeds, and reasons of why the battle would take place. Then the Samurai would battle. They would one v one Samurai of their rank until one eventually won.

Whats a Tea Ceremony?

The tea ceremony was a ceremony that fostered a spirit of reverence, harmony, and calmness. The ceremony had to be preformed a certain way. Guest were invited into a small simple room by a tea master. The tea master then made them all tea and they had sofisticted discussions.

Spiritual Beliefs

The majority of the Samurai were Buddhist. The forms of Buddhism that became popular were Zen and Amida. Samurai were trained in Buddhism to help discipline, and focus their minds.

Thank you for watching my presentation on Samurai

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