Christmas around the world

This is Kris Kringle .Kris Kringle comes when every boy and girl are sleeping. He brings toys to kids who where good but if they where bad he didn't give them presents. The kids left out there shoes for him to put their presents in.

The fierce Vikings in Scandinavia thought that evergreens were the special plant of the sun god, Balder. Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it in the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated evergreens into their homes.

Great Britain
In Great Britain children would put their letters to father Christmas in the fire place and if it is carried up the chimney by the draft their wishes will come true. If it burns they must try again.
Thees are Christmas crackers.There are little gifts inside.One the presents is a paper hat and you have to wear it at the Christmas feast.
This is Pere Fouchette. In france he will come and if you were naughty he would spank you with switches. If you are good Pere noel will put small gifts in your shoes.

Insted of ornaments in France they decorated their tree with all different color stars.

This is a candy in Spain. When the church services are over people feast on paella. This is one of the food on the table. It is made out of roasted almonds, egg whites, and raw honey.
La Noche Buena is Christmas eve in Spain. When December 24 arrives the people fast all day. They will not eat till after midnight. Bells chime wildly to call to people it is past midnight.
This is a torrone.Torrone is a Christmas sweet.The period of nine days before Christmas Day is called the novena. That is the day to have a big feast and this is one of the sweets on the table.
New years day is a day to exchange presents.You should get some one a present.
This is sinter klaas. He is the Dutch gift bearer. The gift giving delicious desserts and festive windmills are all a big part of Christmas in the Netherlands.
On December 5 Sinter Klaas eve Children set their wooden shoes by the fireplace, window, or Kitchen stove. The kids will put hay or carrots in them for the white horse that Sinter Klaas rides to your home.
In Denmark they like to wrap presents and then put that box in another box then put that box in another box.Sometimes the presents aren't in the boxes it's a note that gives the kids hints were the presents are.
In Denmark they decorate their Christmas trees with handmade wooden ornaments, glazed-paper hearts, angles , and Danish flag garlands. On Christmas morning they hold hands around the tree and sing and dance around the tree before opening their presents.
Bells are a big part in Switzerland. All kinds of bells can be heard including cow bells, Sleigh bells, and church bells.
Christmas tree is decorated with gold and silver garlands, blown glass ornaments, wrapped cookies, and fruits and nuts. A star is perched on top

In Russia Families eat a Christmas Eve supper together and gather around the tree. They decorate their trees with apples, oranges, candy, dolls, and fabric and foil ornaments.


In Ukraine they put spider webs on their trees for good luck. There is a legend about a poor woman who had nothing to the morning, the tree branches were covered with spider webs. She was sad that her children could not enjoy the holiday. When the sun rose the spider webs turned into silver. She was no longer poor in material things or in spir

The poinsettia grows wild and damp ravies and ditches throughout the country.
United States
In the United States Santa Claus comes when your asleep. He will give you presents if your good.If your bad he will give you coal. The big presents go under the tree. the smaller gifts go in your stocking.


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