The Harn Museum Leah paxton

One of my core values is to always live in the moment and make sure that I am appreciative of each and every day. As soon as I saw this statue, it stirred up many emotions in me. The first reason is because she has angel wings. During my junior year of high school, one of my close friends passed away. Although her passing was obviously immensely sad for me as well as many others who loved her, her absence reminded me how important it is to remember that nothing in life - especially time - is ever guaranteed. The other reason this statue hit close to home for me is because she is called the "Goddess of the Healing Waters". During my senior year of high school, I beat cancer. Being healed from this disease was a tremendous blessing in my life and I cannot help but occasionally think about the fact that if I had not been as lucky as I was, I also could have become an angel. For these reasons, this statue spoke to my core value of making the most of every day and every moment.
My favorite area of the museum is the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. It is filled with pottery from various times and places throughout history, including many of the Chinese dynasties such as the Zhou, Tang, Ming, and Yuan dynasties. This exhibit has dark wood flooring, high ceilings, and large, glass displays along the walls. Some of the pottery displays contained bigger pieces and therefore had less artwork per display while other had many smaller pieces. This setup made it easier to view the bigger pieces that had more details. The exhibit was labeled with silver writing and the descriptions of the pottery pieces were concise, and therefore the area had minimal reading. Each of these factors contributed to my pleasure with this wing of the museum because the pieces were easy to see and their descriptions were easy to understand, and the sleek design (many other areas of the museum had carpet), gave it a chic, modern vibe.
I was particularly fascinated by this piece of artwork by George Grosz. Seeing it in person, I was better able to notice the details and the appreciate the myriad of things happening in this picture. The painting is a bit blurry in a way that portrays chaos, which is Grosz's way of depicting the madness and motion of the city. Grosz did not worry about parts of the picture blending; it was painted almost sloppily, but this was intentional, and it captures of vibe of city life. I love cities and hope to one day live in a large city, so I like this painting because the craziness of city life that it portrays is what I hope my life is someday like.
The theme that is captured by this image is the formation of identity. This young girl is in her adolescence and is no doubt trying to figure out who she is and who she will become. Adolescence is a time of immense change and confusion. The girl's brightly colored clothing clearly stands out against the dark background, showing her inability to fit in and blend in with her surroundings. This image furthers my understanding of the formation of identity because it reminds me of my days in middle school when I struggled with wanting to fit in and really did not know who I was and what values were important to me. I wanted to be fit in with the "cool" kids, and I was much older than the girl in the photograph is when I even began to figure out who I am.

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