Multiple Layered Highway Veronica Steele

Purpose: As an entrepreneur, making a change is usually the key goal. If you are able to drive, then you are fully aware of how risky it can be to drive on the highway, especially next to motorcycles and semi-trucks. I am proposing a multiple layered highway that would reduce fatalities and ensure more safety for all vehicles. This would take an abundance amount of dedication, financial help, and supporters.

In 2015, 35,092 deaths occurred on highways throughout the United States. 70% of these deaths were caused by pickup or large trucks. 4,693 deaths were motorcyclists and 13,116 deaths were mini vans and cars. 17,227 occurred when traveling at 55 mph or more.

Each separate level will be designated for a type of vehicle. The levels will consist of semi trucks and large pick up trucks, SUVs and regular pick up trucks, mini vans and cars, then motorcycles on top.

A test high way will be designed in order to smooth out any problems or factors not yet thought about. Speed limit will vary on each level.

The roads will be easy to navigate and get off and on. Once the correct exit is in sight, the driver will go to the right lane and proceed to get off. The four different levels will funnel into a four lane spiral road that comes to four different lights. From there, each lane, still assigned to a specific car, will have time to go through the light when it's their lane's turn. Each of the four lanes have the option of going left, straight, or right. It will be the same set up when getting onto the highway.

To construct a new 4-lane highway it would be roughly $4 million to $6 million per mile in rural and suburban areas, and $8 million to $10 million per mile in urban areas. To construct a new 6-lane Interstate highway it would range to about $7 million per mile in rural areas, and $11 million or more per mile in urban areas.

This is a huge financial endeavor but it is important to have the right audience and the determination to make highways safer for everyone. Business angels and angels investors would be greatly appreciated, especially if they have had someone pass away due to a highway crash. I hope the topic was relatable to most and the idea continues to grow and develop. Other ideas could include normal highways next to each designated to certain vehicles or a regular highway and each lane is for a certain vehicle.

Major highway construction companies include AECOM, Bechtel, Kiewit, and Granite Construction. It would also be important to meet with highway police and government officials. Law enforcement would control each level and have specific police on each level. This process would take years to complete but would further help ensure the safety of ourselves, our family and friends, and the children of the future.


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